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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

14 February 2013
From My Valentine

To My Valentine

After a leisurely morning in bed we decided to indulge in one of the many buffets offered in Las Vegas. We had intended to go to the Paris Hotel, but on the suggestion of a very dear friend,Rose Mary, from Salem who used to live in Las Vegas we opted instead to try the Red Rock Casino Buffet.
This has been voted the best in Las Vegas. We were very pleased and may try their Sunday brunch before leaving. Thank you Rose Mary for the advice.
Buffet Lunch

The Red Rock Hotel and Casino is not on the strip and located on Charleston Blvd on the way to Red Rock Canyon. Seems like a very nice property, not too ostentatious and overly done. More of a warmth atmosphere. If you don't want to stay on the Strip, this would be a good choice.

In the afternoon I sat outside waiting for the Thunderbirds to fly over in their formation as they generally do around 3:00PM. Alas, missed the perfect picture...just can't get the camera focused in time. Will keep trying, but did manage to get some shots of the fighter planes.
Far Away

Not sure Make.Maybe F-16

Under the Moon

We continue to enjoy our stay and plan to return next year for a longer time during the winter. It has been relaxing and John has manage to get a lot done on his fortwiki sight.

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  1. OMG, I love the pic of you two at brunch! It is so natural and shows how much fun you two are having!