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Sunday, January 20, 2013

USS IOWA and Fort Macarthur

19 January 2013

Today was an easy day with a short drive to San Pedro to tour the USS IOWA WWII Battleship and to visit Fort MacArthur.

The Iowa was built in1940 and has served our country in WW II, Korean War and the Cold War. She was designated as the "world's greatest naval ship" due to her large guns, heavy armor,fast speed and accurate fire control systems. She remained in active duty for 20 years and 50 years in the Naval Reserve Fleet. She was opened to the public in 2012 at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro.

Ready for the Tour

Amy and Johnin Front of 16" Guns

Cargo Ship

Roosevelt's Bedroom on Ship

Pensive Hope

Hope and Grandsons on Deck

Think the grandsons enjoyed the tour except for line waits. Took over hour to tour. View of the port is awesome. Have never seem so many containers, loading and unloading cranes etc. How they ever keep control of all the containers is beyond my comprehension.

We then drove up to Angel's Gate Park for picnic and to see the Friendship bell in the Pagoda. Next to the park is Fort MacArthur to see the museum and batteries. Good exercise for all with beautiful view of Catalina Island and the Pacific.
Picnic at Angel's Gate

In Front of Pagoda and Friendship Bell

View from Angel's Gate Park

Another View
Fort MacArthur

Hope and Sons in Front of Battery Osgood

Peeking out of the Guardhouse

Returning home, boys and Hope went back for their last beach outing.

Tomorrow they return home.

It has been a good visit and hope that Colt and Cade have good memories of their visit.

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