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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Universal Studios

17 January 2013

The drive took 90 minutes with traffic. Honestly, don't know how residents endure the long traffic jams and commute on a daily basis. Life is too short to do this twice a day. Drivers are very aggressive and you have to be on the defensive. Anyway, John dropped us off at 1100. He had several fort and historic sights he wanted to visit in LA so opted not to join us.

This was my second visit in 20 years and frankly will probably be my last.
Not a very exciting attraction except for the 1 hour tram tour of the back lots that take you through an earthquake simulation and a scary ride through a 360 3-D experience of a struggle between a 35 ft T Rex and King Kong. Very realistic.
Entrance to Universal

View of Back Lot




Hope and grandsons did the Shrek 4-D adventure and Jurassic Park Ride.
John and I had done the Jurassic ride with his parents some 20 year ago.

Waterworld was closed to disappointment of Colt and Cade.

Lots of high end shops on the walk from drop off to the park. Again we took a picnic lunch. Food is very expensive in the parks.

When we got back,Hope took the boys to beach while I fixed dinner.

Another busy day.

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