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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Disneyland and Adventure Park

16 January 2013

John dropped us off around 1000A for a full day of both parks. Hope was our guide coordinating the rides the grandsons wanted. Hope and Colt did several rides that Cade and Nana opted not to do. Several of the attractions were closed at this time of year.
Cade, Hope and Colt

Ready for a Big Day at Disneyland

First stop was the Matterhorn ride which Hope and boys did. Hope and Colt then did Space Mountain. We then did the Neptune submarine ride and then the monorail before having our picnic lunch.
Neptune Submarine Cruise

Underwater Photo

Waiting to Board

Walking over to the "It's a Small World" we decided to take this ride which takes you through a magic Christmas land depicting Christmas around the world. This was a favorite for us.

Ready for Small World Ride

Small World

Small World

Small World

Small World

Small World

In Fantasyland we rode the Carousel. I did this back in the 60's.
Hope and Colt

Hope and Cade

In Tomorrowland  we rode in the Autopia cars..Colt was my driver.
Driver Colt

In Critter Country, Hope and Colt did Splash Mountain ride while Cade and Nana enjoyed sharing popcorn.

 Since the Haunted House in New Orleans was closed, we then walked over to Adventure Park.

The one attraction,Radiator Springs Racers, that Hope and Colt wanted to do was closed. The three of them did Luigi's Flying Tires.
Flying Tires Ride

Cade with Goofy

Cade and Friend

Character Pose

Relaxing with Mom

Cade Sure looks Small

There was more to do,but with only 1 day and it was getting late it will have to be done on another visit. John picked us up around 5 and we stopped at Red Robin for dinner.

An exhausting, but fun day. We were surprised at all the children in the park this time of year. Most lines were 15-30 minutes. Feel you need at least a full day for each park.

There was a lot we did not have time to see since we only had today.

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