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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

San Fernando Mission

11 December 2012

A 1 hour drive to the San Fernando Valley to visit Mission San Fernando established in 1797 by Father Lasuen and named for the king of Spain Ferdinand. It was near this site that gold was first discovered in California.

The mission at one time comprised almost 122,000 acres raising cattle and crops as the goal of the mission was to be self sufficient. In 1834 it was secularized and in 1861 returned to the Catholic Church.
Mission Church






A gift from the Hearst Foundation in 1940 enabled the restoration of the mission. In 1971 an earthquake destroyed the church and was rebuilt in 1974 and remains active for the community. Pope John Paul II visited the church in 1987.

Adjacent to the church and cemetery is the "Bob Hope Memorial Gardens" where he and his wife Delores are interred. Both were over 100 when they died. Hope in 2003 and Delores in 2010. The adjacent cemetery is the resting place for several thousand neophytes and early settlers attached to the mission.
Tribute to Bob Hope Display

Hope Garden and Interment

Hope Graves

The museum features many relics, artwork and depictions of life as it was in the mission. There is the Madonna room featuring several hundred statues, plaques and paintings in tribute to her.


Madonna Room

Governor's Quarters

Mayordomo's House

Add caption

Altar Relics


Bishop's Room



Padre Eating Area

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