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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Last Days in Redmond

6 November 2012

Today is Shawn's 40th birthday and celebrating with family gathering. Hope made his favorite cake..strawberry which is his grandmother's recipe.
Shawn & Hope Toasting his 40th

Shawn's Favorite Strawberry Cake

Family at Shawn's 40th

We have decided to leave tomorrow as bad weather is predicted for Central Oregon and we have some mountains to cross into Grant's Pass.

This has been a good visit with Hope,Shawn, Colt and Cade as well as friends. We got to attend several soccer and football games, spoiled with Hope and Shawn's meals, enjoyed time with grandsons and hate the thought of not seeing them for at least another year. We are also going to miss the long showers and convenience of laundry.I have included some family photos. No,we did not go on the fishing trip as we were traveling.

Soccer Picture

Colt in Football Uniform

Family Fishing Trip on Rogue

Cade's Big Coho Catch

With Grandsons

I'm this Tall

I'm this Tall

Colt in the Driver's Seat
Cade Taking Shortcut

 Our iHome had a beautiful view of the 3 Sisters and next to the horse pasture. I enjoyed feeding the horses hay, oats and carrots. Guess I have spoiled them and sure they will miss me. Blackie the rabbit has also gotten attention and even the chickens.  We especially like the fresh eggs.
Hope with Rocky & Katy

With Rocky & Katy

Daily Feed

The temperature this week has been in the 70's.but dropping into the 20's this weekend with snow at 2,000 ft level. The sunrises and sunsets are just beautiful and my photos don't do them justice.

View of 3 Sisters from iHome

Took the iHome for oil change yesterday..first time since Pensacola last December. John likes to take it to a Ford Truck service center. We were at 7,000 since last one.

On Sunday morning we met our friends Ernie and Alinda at the Black Bear Diner in Redmond for breakfast. Ernie is recovering from a heart attack. He now has a stent in one artery. He was lucky it happened at home as he had just returned from hunting. It was a nice visit.
Ernie and Alinda

Wall hanging Black Bear Diner

In the afternoon, John went with Hope and family Geocaching. This was his first experience and don't think he is avid about doing it again. Boys found a few trinkets.

Tomorrow we embark on our next long journey that will take us south,east,north and eventually back to Oregon.


  1. Mom and John,

    miss y'all so much! Thanks for all the help that you gave to us. Colt especially will miss papa John helping him with homework. Blackie got some yard time today and the chickens are out running around right now. Guess y'all left in time as it's trying to snow here and further south end got a lot!

    It was wonderful to have y'all here and you are welcome back anytime, for as long as you want!

    Love and thanks! Hope

    1. We miss all of you also and the critters. Enjoying your homemade zucchini bread.
      Remember carrots for Katy,Rocky and Blackie and daily talk to Casey.
      We love you
      Mom and Dad II