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Friday, November 16, 2012

Elk and a Snake

14 November 2012

It was finally a nice day so we decided to drive north on 101 toward Klamath.

We passed several Elk herds between Eureka and Klamath grazing so peacefully by the highway. One herd seemed to be mostly does, while the other was a mixture with some huge bulls. Of course I had to to stop and take pictures.
Peacefully Grazing

Time for a Siesta

Mostly Does

Day was going good until we got to Trinidad, a very scenic coastal community just north of Eureka. As I started down the steps to view the lighthouse memorial to sailors lost at sea, a snake crossed my path.
Why is always I who see them? As many of you know, I am terrified of snakes no matter the size. As I ran back to the car, I mentioned my reason for terror and two tourists had to go and inspect the reptile. Hope this is not an omen of things to come on the trip. No,I did not take a picture as I can't even look at pictures of them.

I did manage to get  some pictures of the lighthouse and coast.
Trinidad Coast

John Reading about Memorial

Scenic View of Lighthouse and Coast

Nice Homes in Trinidad Overlooking Pacific

To calm my nerves, John suggested we go back to the pizza restaurant for more of the delicious pizza.
Large Slice

Reading and Eating

Tomorrow we go to Willits KOA for 2 nights before heading to Travis AFB until the 25th.

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