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One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Redmond Days

17 October 2012

Our days spent with Hope, Shawn, Colt and Cade have been very relaxing and getting into the daily routine of activities.

I pick up the grandsons at school and John helps with homework. Some days we take them to football and soccer practice and they have games on Saturday. Colt also has football game on Wednesday. Both boys seem to enjoy sports and school. Think Colt is going to miss Papa helping with homework as John makes it fun and encouraging. Cade has to read a book everyday and is a good reader.
Papa Helping Colt with Math Homework

I have taken on the job of feeding the horses hay, oats and carrots. The chickens are free range during the day and I feed them and collect eggs.
Also give the rabbit carrots, lettuce and attention. Checkers, the cat stays her distance and Casey the beagle is always looking for a handout. She is capable of opening the cupboard and getting snacks of quaker bars etc.
Once in a while she gets a woodchuck and buries it.
Rocky and Katy

Destiny sure enjoyed lounging around in the yard and will surely miss it.
She and Casey ignore each other. Once in a while the steer being pastured behind the the house nosed up to the fence, but Destiny seems uninterested.

We have had some beautiful sunsets over the mountains and even got some snow on them one day. Tomorrow we leave for 9 days in Salem for Medical, Dental and Vet appointments then we will return to Redmond until the 8 November before heading to expensive gas in California.
Gas in Oregon is $4.05 gal.
Sunset Over Three Sisters

Snow on Three Sisters

Mt Jefferson

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