Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

30 October 2012

Well it is that time of year for carving pumpkins. Colt got the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch when they went to the OSU game in Corvallis.

It was interesting watching them clean the insides and putting aside the pumpkin seeds which they like. They chose their design and with Hope and Shawn's help carved the face. Colt only posed for 1 photo, but Cade is always eager for a photo op.

So here are some photos of the grandsons.

Preparing the Pumpkins

Almost as big as Colt

Cade's Scary Design

Hope's, Cade's & Colt's

This was Fun

Cade's Halloween Costume

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back to Redmond

26 October 2012

We decided to leave today since the Santiam Pass was clear except for roadside snow.

The drive over was rainy until we got to Sisters.. quite different than the drive last week to Salem in the sunshine. We had mostly rain in Salem except for the day of Rose's funeral.

All our appointments went well and sure enjoyed seeing all our friends.
Think we ate our way around Salem.

We will be here until the 8 November or as weather dictates.

Dinner with Friends at Peach Tree

25 October 2012

After Rose's funeral we had dinner with our good friends Don and Carolyn and their 3 daughters Heidi, Heather and Holly and Heidi's husband Patrick. We were all very close to Rose and this gave us time to reminisce of the good times we had, her qualities and what she meant to each of us.
Also to toast her with a glass of wine. Rose particularly like Rose'.

She touched each of our lives in a special way. Our kids and grandkids referred to her as "grandma" Rose. Rose loved children. She gave us a deeper appreciation of and nurturing of flowers. She loved to cook and at dinner gatherings always brought her famous deviled eggs, lemon squares or homemade pie.

It was Don and Carolyn who introduced us to Rose when we moved to Salem 22 years ago. We will always be grateful for this.

Heidi,Heather,Carolyn, Don, Holly,Patrick,Amy & John
Here's to you, dear Rose. You are at last in heaven with Braden.

Saying Goodby to Dear Rose

25 October 2012

As per Rose's wishes, her funeral was held in Salem at the First Christian Church. Rose had chosen her pink casket with pink roses and prepaid her arrangements years ago. She was living in Phoenix at the time of her passing and her daughter Judi fulfilled her wishes.
The service was so moving and lovely with many friends and family members present. Rose would have been very happy. Roger, Judi's husband put together a slide show with pictures from Rose's past and present. Brought tears and many memories. Friends and family said words of remembrance.

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.

Goodby dear Lady in Pink, we will miss you and all the good times. You surely blessed our lives.

Rose's Favorite Flower. It is from her Garden

Driving our Motorhome..tee hee

Chinese Buffet..Her Favorite

Rose Loved her Flowers

Goodby Dear Rose

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week with Friends

24 October 2012

We have been wined, dined and enjoyed many visits with our friends in Salem and Portland. In spite of the constant rain, weather did not deter us from very nice visits.

On Sunday we went to dinner at Cafe 22 in West Salem just down the street from our campsite with Barb and Lisa who for several years our next door neighbors and who also referred two of our rental tenants on our first two trips. Dinner was delicious..home style cooking with most of vegetables and fruit grown on their farm. John enjoyed the ribs, corn on cob, green beans and we shared a peach cobbler. I opted for the "flatiron" chicken with red potatoes and green beans. It was a nice evening. Thank you Barb and Lisa. Maybe when you start traveling in your 5th wheel, we will cross paths.

Cafe 22

Cafe 22

With Friends Lisa and Barb

On Monday I met good friends Carolyn and Janet at Napoleon's in the Reed Opera House for lunch. We caught up on the past year and shared pictures of grandkids. Janet and I used to walk several times a week at Bush Park and Minto Brown. Sure miss those walks. She was my incentive and motivation for walking up to 2 or 3 miles. Carolyn and I first met when we were employed at the same travel agency after our move to Salem in 1990. We became fast friends and through Carolyn met many more including our dear departed friend, Rose.
With Dear Friends Janet and Carolyn

Monday evening we met another good friend, Carole at Bentley's for dinner. We met Carole when she moved to Salem through Hope who was good friends with her daughter, Brenda. Thank you Carole for the Oregon Coast desk calendar. It sure was good catching up and seeing you again. Enjoy your Christmas vacation in Denver with Brenda and Jerome. Know you will have a white christmas this year.
With Good Friend Carole

Handcarved Horse outside Bentley's

Wednesday evening we drove to Ray and Deneen's for dinner along with several of their friends. Ray is John's former boss and we have been friends for at least 25 years. They have a beautiful daughter, Dakota who is 14 and an avid competitor in horse shows. The dinner was catered by  Peter a chef at Georgio's in Portland. Salad,organic vegetarian pasta entree and homemade pumpkin pie. Ray and Deneen know how to entertain and one always feels at home. Thank you again. Always enjoy our visits.
Gathering of Friends at Ray & Deneen's

Dinner at Ray & Deneen's

In between our visits, we attended to Medical, Dental,Chiropractic & Vet appointments.
Even was able to fit in a hot stone massage and haircut.

Happy to report all is well.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Drive to Salem

18 October 2012

The drive over the Santiam Pass to Salem was perfect with the golden, orange and red fall colors in full array. Unfortunately, driving in the motorhome is hard to get good pictures.

We were supposed to stop at Ford dealer in Stayton to get oil change,but since we got there late for our appointment they could not take us. Guess we will have to get it done when we get back to Redmond. At least while we were in Redmond, John was able to get the propane valve replaced at Straub propane. Only charged him $10 as John had the new valve and the propane was only $1.39/gal. What a deal. Now the only thing left to do is get the tires checked at Les Schwab and John to install the controller on the steps.

We arrived at Premier RV Resort in West Salem and are quite pleased with our choice. I was surprised at how full they are,but guess most are here for the winter. It is very quiet, with concrete pads, full hookups, laundry, pool, exercise room, nice reception and store. Nicer than some KOA's we have stayed. Our price for 9 nights with Good Sam discount is $300. Would definitely stay here again.
Premier Rv Resort Site 103

View of Campground

Pool Area

We have a busy schedule this next week. Get together with friends and medical appointments. I have even scheduled a hair and massage appointments. Need a decent haircut as I have been doing it myself. Going to my old salon on Liberty. Also getting a hot stone massage from my gal at Russell's.

Rain is in the forecast for our stay. The trees are beautiful. So many colors.

Redmond Days

17 October 2012

Our days spent with Hope, Shawn, Colt and Cade have been very relaxing and getting into the daily routine of activities.

I pick up the grandsons at school and John helps with homework. Some days we take them to football and soccer practice and they have games on Saturday. Colt also has football game on Wednesday. Both boys seem to enjoy sports and school. Think Colt is going to miss Papa helping with homework as John makes it fun and encouraging. Cade has to read a book everyday and is a good reader.
Papa Helping Colt with Math Homework

I have taken on the job of feeding the horses hay, oats and carrots. The chickens are free range during the day and I feed them and collect eggs.
Also give the rabbit carrots, lettuce and attention. Checkers, the cat stays her distance and Casey the beagle is always looking for a handout. She is capable of opening the cupboard and getting snacks of quaker bars etc.
Once in a while she gets a woodchuck and buries it.
Rocky and Katy

Destiny sure enjoyed lounging around in the yard and will surely miss it.
She and Casey ignore each other. Once in a while the steer being pastured behind the the house nosed up to the fence, but Destiny seems uninterested.

We have had some beautiful sunsets over the mountains and even got some snow on them one day. Tomorrow we leave for 9 days in Salem for Medical, Dental and Vet appointments then we will return to Redmond until the 8 November before heading to expensive gas in California.
Gas in Oregon is $4.05 gal.
Sunset Over Three Sisters

Snow on Three Sisters

Mt Jefferson

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Remembering Dear Rose

10 October 2012

Received word yesterday that our dear friend,Rose passed away at age 95.

Rose was much loved by all who knew her and especially by us. We considered her part of the family and only wished we had known her longer than 22 years. We always tried to include her in our family gatherings. She was so missed after she moved to Phoenix to be near her  daughter, Judi.

Most everyday Rose was out and about in her Neon going to the Post Office, grocery and bank to visit friends. I would call her to do an outing and she was always waiting when I drove up. We had many fun days on our country road jaunts visiting the farmer's markets and on occasion Spirit Mountain Casino.

Rose's favorite color was pink and she had many pink outfits. She loved flowers and her patio and garden were abounding in pink flowers. She had many friends in Salem who also loved her. Her good friends Don and Carolyn introduced us to her when we moved to Salem.

God bless you, my dear. We are saddened that we will no longer talk and visit. You will always be in our thoughts with the fondest of memories.

Birthday Celebration with Friends

Hug from Don

Hug from Carolyn

Dinner Gathering with Friends

Celebrating 80th with Limo ride to Casino

Hug from John

With her Hunks

Friends Rose Mary,Amy and Liz

Beautiful Lady

Oregon Tulip Fields

Relaxing in the Motorhome with Destiny

Ready to Party

A Hug for the Lady in Pink

Hug from John

Happy Anniversary to Us

10 October 2012

Today is our 22nd Anniversary going on 30 since we have known each other that long. Can't imagine sharing my life with anyone but you.
You have made me so happy and our life together has been good with many blessings. We merged two families, you with two wonderful daughters and I with two wonderful sons and daughter.

Through your Quad bypass in 2011 and my brain tumor in 2006, we have prevailed and grown stronger in our relationship. After selling the home in 2011, we made the decision to go full time in our motorhome exploring the USA and Canada with the purpose of visiting as many historic forts,family and friends as possible. 

In the past 22 years we have been blessed with 8 grandchildren, marriage of 4 children and Darin finding his partner in which to share his life.
4 dogs with Destiny still with us and enjoying our travels.

Yes, life has been good. I love you.

Time to Celebrate

happily ever after.just to make a long story short