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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Driving Tour of White Mountain

15 September 2012

After a relaxing morning, if you can call doing laundry and changing linens relaxing. Actually I enjoy time in the laundry as I catch up on reading. Anyway we decided to do the drive on White Mountain and hope for a view of wild horses and Pilot Butte Mountain.
Scenes on Hwy

Scenic Overlook

Looks like Stone House with Huge Chimney

The drive from Green River on county Rd 53 or White Mountain Road is around 24 miles and takes 2 hours. The road is dirt and gravel more suitable for a 4 wheel, but decided to do it as John wanted a photo of Pilot Butte Mountain not visable from the highway. The area is supposed to be home to many wild horses, but we only saw 3. Maybe the dry weather has forced them elsewhere. Southern Wyoming is noted for being home to the largest wild horse population in Wyoming.


Mama Mare

Family of Three

Seems they will fall off the Cliff

Handsome Dude

We started the route in Green River and drove county road 53 to county road 14 and then 191 into Rock Springs.

John got his pictures of Pilot Butte and  I of the wild horses. Made our day.
Pilot Butte Mountain


By the way only passed two vehicles on the drive.

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  1. Great pictures! Slowly making your way home.
    I am finally getting better, but still in PT 3 times a week. Walk with out a limp now!