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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Arrival Warren AFB Cheyenne,WY

11 September 2012

As we drove from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, our thoughts were with the victims and families of 11 September 2001. May we never forget.
God bless them all.

I am sure there are areas of Colorado affected by the downturn, but driving IH 25, there seems to be much development and affluence.
Many new home developments, highrise buildings, shopping centers and just a general overall feeling of a booming area.

Before leaving the campground did get a good sunrise picture. We had great weather with temperatures in the 70's for the most days and cool evenings. However, rain is in need as the landscape is so parched. We didn't do any sightseeing as we did this on our visit in September on the outbound trip in 2011.

Sunrise AF Academy Campground

When we arrived at Warren AFB it started to rain..a welcome sight as it is very dry here as well. This is our second visit and a very nice small FAMCAMP. $20/day a real bargain for full hookups. Tomorrow will do some needed grocery shopping at the commissary.

Pronghorn are very content to graze on the base. Wyoming has many.
Finally some wildlife photos.
Hanging Out

Um Good

Very Agreeable to Posing
Seems the male has control

Isn't she cute?

We will be here for 3 nights and then 3 nights at KOA in Rock Springs.

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