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Monday, August 13, 2012

Niagara Falls and Lady of the Mist

13 August 2012

It took 71 years, but I finally visited Niagara Falls. John had visited when he was around 12.Sure would have hated to miss this spectacular attraction.

Picture Says it All

American Falls

We parked near the visitor center $10. Short walk to the observation tower and Maid of the Mist departure. Tickets for both $15.50. Maid of the Mist has been in operation since 1846 and affords a beautiful close up view of the 3 falls. They also provide each passenger with a poncho to keep or recycle. The boats leave every 15 minutes and the ride takes less than 30.
Be prepared to get wet.
Maid of Mist

In our Ponchos

Horseshoe Falls

Observation Tower

Close up View

Three Falls

Four of the Great Lakes empty into the Niagara River making up the Falls and from here it empties into Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence. The falls consists of Horseshoe on the Canadian side and American and Bridal Veil on the American side. Goat Island separates Horseshoe from the other two. You can either drive or walk to Goat Island which is still in the US.
We drove over and had lunch at "Top of the Falls Restaurant". Terrapin Point gives a closer view of Horseshoe Falls.
View from Observation Tower

View from Maid of Mist

Rainbow Over the Falls

American Falls


Some interesting facts:
3160 tons of water flow over the falls every second or 75,750 gallons over American and Bridal Veil and 681,750 over Horseshoe Falls.

50 percent of the water flowing through the Niagara River is diverted to produce hydroelectric power and one of the largest plants in US.

It is believed that mist from the Falls creates negative ions that increase the levels of the mood chemical, serotonin.

The Falls at night are illuminated in an array of colors.

Annie Edson Taylor at age 63 was the first woman to go over the Falls in a barrel and survive.

Napoleon's younger brother Jerome visited the falls with his American bride in 1804.

Truly a day to remember.

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  1. Love that first picture of you two in front of the falls!