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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lewis & Clark State Historic Site

27 August 2012

The Lewis and Clark State Historic Site is located in Hartford, IL a short drive from Scott AFB toward Alton,IL.

On 12 December 1803, Lewis and Clark along with a group of recruits set up Camp River Dubois at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. It was here that they spent the next 5 months preparing for their journey west returning two years later.

Sign Showing Confluence of Missouri & Mississippi

Site of Beginning Journey

The interpretive center features a replica of the 55ft keel boat packed with supplies, a full scale replica of the camp and settler's cabin based on Clark's drawings.It is in the interpretive center that you can experience the preparation and history of the journey.
Keel Boat

Fur Supplies

Storage on Keel Boat

Inside the Keel

Settler's Cabin

Camp duBois

We then drove to Alton,IL for a drive across the Mississippi on the Clark Bridge connecting Alton with West Alton,MO.
Clark Bridge Across Mississippi

View of Alton,IL

Alton was the site of the last Lincoln and Douglas debate in 1858. The penitentiary held up to 12,000 confederate prisoners and the city has been labeled the most haunted city in America. Most of the city is built on foundations taken from the stones of the prison. The flood of 1993 was the worst in 100 years. Alton was also an important town for abolitionists.

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