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Friday, August 17, 2012

Forts, Markers and Custard

15 August 2012

Fort Pitt is located in Pittsburgh at the confluence of the Ohio,Allengheny and Monongahela Rivers in Point State Park. The only remaining structure of Fort Pitt is the Blockhouse built in 1764.  There is also a very nice history museum located adjacent.
Fort Pitt Blockhouse

George Washington passed through here on his way to negotiate with the French in Waterford. At that time he was in the Virginia Militia.

Prior to Fort Pitt there was Fort Prince George captured by the French in 1754. They then built Fort Duquesne at the forks giving them control of the Ohio Valley. In 1758 a British army of 6,000 made preparations for an assault on Fort Duquesne. The French realizing they were outnumbered, burned the fort and departed two days before the arrival of the British. Construction on Fort Pitt began in 1759. The only further action at Fort Pitt was in 1763 when it withstood Indian attacks.

The fort was sold in 1772 and reclaimed by the Virginia Territory in 1774.
In 1777 the Continental Army used it for its western headquarters. The first peace treaty between the Americans and the Indians was signed here in 1778. The fort was abandoned in 1792.

Across the Allegheny sits the Heinz Stadium, home to the Steelers.
Just down from that is the Pirates ballpark.
Heinz Stadium Home to the Steelers

Pirates Ballpark

We then drove to Franklin,PA to locate markers for forts Venango,Machault and Garrison. Franklin is known as a Victorian City and in the oil region of Pennsylvania at the confluence of the Allegheny River and French Creek.
Lamberton House B&B

Downtown Franklin


On the way home we stopped at the famous Hank's Frozen Custard located in Conneaut Lake Pa.  They have been a family business since 1952 and still use the original Custard making machines. They serve  authentic frozen custard which has a higher content of butterfat and egg yolk. John and I like frozen custard and the stands are few and far between. We did find several in NY,but this is the best.
This is the Best Custard

Original Custard Machines

Um Good

Worth the Detour

A long day and Destiny was glad to get home.

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