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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Visit in Louisville & Clarksville

23 August-25 August 2012

Short drive to our next campsite in Clarksville, IN just across the Ohio river from Louisville,Ky. We are staying at the KOA which is convenient for family visits.

I grew up in this area and graduated HS from Jeffersonville in 1959. The HS is slowing deteriorating and some years ago moved to Clarksville. While in the area I rode Mother around to our old residences and Daddy's hardware stores. Brought back memories.
Mother and Destiny

Our First Home on Louise St 1951

Our Second Home on Carlotia 1957

Ohio River looking toward Louisville

Daddy's 2nd Store and Our Home Above 1959

Daddy's 1st Hardware Store on Spring St.

Jeff HS now..Empty

Mother lives with my sister Abby and one of Abby's daughters, Eryn.
Eryn and Abby

I have two cousins in Clarksville, Doug and Joe and their wives Valerie and Phyllis. Did not get to see Valerie this trip as she was working most of time, but did have good visits with Doug, Joe and Phyllis.

It was good seeing everyone.

First night we met Mother, Abby and her daughter Lauryn for dinner. Lauryn brought her boyfriend Alex who seems very nice.
Abby, Lauryn, Alex, John and Mother

Prior to dinner, Doug stopped by motorhome for a nice visit.
Doug and Destiny

On Friday. I picked Mother up to bring her back for visit. Abby and Eryn took her back. Joe stopped in for a visit while Mother was visiting and we had nice chat.
Mother and Joe

Saturday, John and I went over to Abby's for lunch and to visit with Abby's son Ryan and his daughter Vera. Vera is 3 and very adorable.
Ryan and Vera


With Mother

John and Mother

With Mother and Abby

In the evening Doug treated us to a delicious dinner at Red Lobster.
Joe and Phyllis joined us. He then took us for a ride in the country and downtown by the river. So much as changed..
Joe, Phyllis and Doug

Tomorrow we leave for Scott AFB in Belleville,ILL for 4 nights. This is our second visit here. Weather has been very hot.

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