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Sunday, August 5, 2012

1812 Encampment Sackets Harbor,NY

4 August 2012

A very hot day for doing very little. We did go over to Sackets Harbor for the 1812 encampment at the Battlefield Park in order to see the cannons fire and view some displays. After an hour, the heat was overwhelming and we headed back to the comfort of A/C.

Sackets Harbor became a center of activity for the American Naval and Military during 1812 to discourage smuggling on the upper St Lawrence and Lake Ontario. A large fleet as well as barracks was built here.

The British launched an attack in order to destroy the shipyard in 1813.
The Americans proved the victor. The Treaty of Ghent in 1814 officially ended the war.
Firing on the British

Returning the Fire

The battlefield is now a park with signage on the walking paths giving a history of the area.

The reenactors do a great job and are to be commended for their devotion and knowledge of history.

Relaxation after the Battle

Family Quarters


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