Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lewis & Clark State Historic Site

27 August 2012

The Lewis and Clark State Historic Site is located in Hartford, IL a short drive from Scott AFB toward Alton,IL.

On 12 December 1803, Lewis and Clark along with a group of recruits set up Camp River Dubois at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. It was here that they spent the next 5 months preparing for their journey west returning two years later.

Sign Showing Confluence of Missouri & Mississippi

Site of Beginning Journey

The interpretive center features a replica of the 55ft keel boat packed with supplies, a full scale replica of the camp and settler's cabin based on Clark's drawings.It is in the interpretive center that you can experience the preparation and history of the journey.
Keel Boat

Fur Supplies

Storage on Keel Boat

Inside the Keel

Settler's Cabin

Camp duBois

We then drove to Alton,IL for a drive across the Mississippi on the Clark Bridge connecting Alton with West Alton,MO.
Clark Bridge Across Mississippi

View of Alton,IL

Alton was the site of the last Lincoln and Douglas debate in 1858. The penitentiary held up to 12,000 confederate prisoners and the city has been labeled the most haunted city in America. Most of the city is built on foundations taken from the stones of the prison. The flood of 1993 was the worst in 100 years. Alton was also an important town for abolitionists.

Monday, August 27, 2012

On Our Way Back to Oregon

28 August 2012

If all goes as planned, we should be in Redmond on the 26th September.
Journey Back to Oregon

We have been gone a year and traveled thus far 8400 miles in the iHome with another 1700 to go. As for the Malibu, we put 25,000 on this trip with all the touring from campsites. Unbelievable. When we bought it used in July 2009 it had 50,000 miles..now it has 119.000. Must say it has been a good car..brakes twice and tires once. It sure has been a good tow vehicle. Note: car does not record mileage when towing.

Anyway it has been a good year with many fort,family and friends visits. We are looking forward to seeing Hope, Shawn, grandsons and friends when we arrive.

For those who have followed my blog, I thank you and look forward to many more entries as we continue on our Journey.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from  the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.Dream.Discover." Mark Twain

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Visit in Louisville & Clarksville

23 August-25 August 2012

Short drive to our next campsite in Clarksville, IN just across the Ohio river from Louisville,Ky. We are staying at the KOA which is convenient for family visits.

I grew up in this area and graduated HS from Jeffersonville in 1959. The HS is slowing deteriorating and some years ago moved to Clarksville. While in the area I rode Mother around to our old residences and Daddy's hardware stores. Brought back memories.
Mother and Destiny

Our First Home on Louise St 1951

Our Second Home on Carlotia 1957

Ohio River looking toward Louisville

Daddy's 2nd Store and Our Home Above 1959

Daddy's 1st Hardware Store on Spring St.

Jeff HS now..Empty

Mother lives with my sister Abby and one of Abby's daughters, Eryn.
Eryn and Abby

I have two cousins in Clarksville, Doug and Joe and their wives Valerie and Phyllis. Did not get to see Valerie this trip as she was working most of time, but did have good visits with Doug, Joe and Phyllis.

It was good seeing everyone.

First night we met Mother, Abby and her daughter Lauryn for dinner. Lauryn brought her boyfriend Alex who seems very nice.
Abby, Lauryn, Alex, John and Mother

Prior to dinner, Doug stopped by motorhome for a nice visit.
Doug and Destiny

On Friday. I picked Mother up to bring her back for visit. Abby and Eryn took her back. Joe stopped in for a visit while Mother was visiting and we had nice chat.
Mother and Joe

Saturday, John and I went over to Abby's for lunch and to visit with Abby's son Ryan and his daughter Vera. Vera is 3 and very adorable.
Ryan and Vera


With Mother

John and Mother

With Mother and Abby

In the evening Doug treated us to a delicious dinner at Red Lobster.
Joe and Phyllis joined us. He then took us for a ride in the country and downtown by the river. So much as changed..
Joe, Phyllis and Doug

Tomorrow we leave for Scott AFB in Belleville,ILL for 4 nights. This is our second visit here. Weather has been very hot.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Arnold's Drive In Decatur,IN

21 August 2012

We arrived in Decatur around 300P after a 300 mile trip from Erie.

The camping lot was not as full as the first visit and has 50amp, but no water and a common tank dump. Of course it is free and since we had scheduled our appointment we should be ready for service at 6AM tomorrow.

Couldn't believe all the huge motorhomes, mostly American Coach,awaiting service.

Arnold's drive in is just down the street and since we enjoyed the nostalgia of the 50's from the last time, went there for dinner. Sure brings back memories of that era. Wish our kids and grandkids could experience that time of innocence.
Arnold's Drive In Decatur, IN

A 1952 Chevy sits atop the restaurant, cut outs of Elvis, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop greet you inside along with eclectic collection of 50's memorabilia. Even carhops on roller skates for those who want to eat in their car.
50's Memorabilia

John got a cherry shake and Fonzie's fried bologna sandwich and I had what is called a "Good Golly Miss Molly" BBQ pork topped with cole slaw and Sweet Corn Nuggets served with maple syrup.
John enjoying his Fried Bologna Sandwich

Dinner At Quaker Steak & Lube

20 August 2012

For our last night in Erie we decided to try Quaker Steak & Lube Restaurant known for its famous spicy wings.
Amy waiting for a fillup

The restaurant was founded in 1974 with a motor themed atmosphere.
They have 45 locations in US and Canada. They serve over 80 million wings annually, winning title "Best Wings Usa".

From the ceiling hangs vintage cars, trucks,motocycles and relic signs decorate the walls. A great place to take kids.
Some of the Ceiling Hangings

The wings were delish. Have to stop eating like this. Besides the wings, John got a side of mac and cheese with a cheese steak Phil m up. I got a pulled pork with cole slaw.
Delish Spicy Wings

Tomorrow we leave for the Fleetwood factory in Decatur IN to have some service on the iHome. This is our second visit in two years.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy 40th Daughter Hope

17 August 2012

Has it really been 40 years since you blessed us.

You are a joy to family,friends and all who know you.

Wish we could celebrate in person,but know you are having special celebration in San Antonio with brothers Eric and Darin and friends and rest of family. Enjoy. See you soon.

And now with family

Drive to Waterford PA

16 August 2012

Markers for Fort LeBoeuf are located in Waterford which is a short drive down Hwy 19.
Fort Le Boeuf Plaque

The first fort was built by the French in 1753 to guard the road into the Ohio Valley. The British built the 2nd fort in 1760 and this was burned to the ground by the Indians in 1763. The  Americans built the 3rd fort in 1794 to protect the settlers.

Judson house built in 1820 was erected on the site of the French fort.
Judson House

George Washington came here in 1753 carrying orders from the Virginia Governor  to the French to inform them they were trespassing on British soil. There is a statue depicting this next to the Eagle Hotel.

Statue of George Washington

History Plaque of the Forts

The Eagle Hotel was erected in 1826 and now serves as a restaurant and museum. We had lunch here and believe me it was definitely home cooking. They advertise as Amish type cooking. Everything prepared in the kitchen..nothing processed. The cold slaw and bean soup delicious.
We also had chicken salad sandwich and shared coconut cream pie.
Eagle Hotel & Sugar n Spice Restaurant

Forts, Markers and Custard

15 August 2012

Fort Pitt is located in Pittsburgh at the confluence of the Ohio,Allengheny and Monongahela Rivers in Point State Park. The only remaining structure of Fort Pitt is the Blockhouse built in 1764.  There is also a very nice history museum located adjacent.
Fort Pitt Blockhouse

George Washington passed through here on his way to negotiate with the French in Waterford. At that time he was in the Virginia Militia.

Prior to Fort Pitt there was Fort Prince George captured by the French in 1754. They then built Fort Duquesne at the forks giving them control of the Ohio Valley. In 1758 a British army of 6,000 made preparations for an assault on Fort Duquesne. The French realizing they were outnumbered, burned the fort and departed two days before the arrival of the British. Construction on Fort Pitt began in 1759. The only further action at Fort Pitt was in 1763 when it withstood Indian attacks.

The fort was sold in 1772 and reclaimed by the Virginia Territory in 1774.
In 1777 the Continental Army used it for its western headquarters. The first peace treaty between the Americans and the Indians was signed here in 1778. The fort was abandoned in 1792.

Across the Allegheny sits the Heinz Stadium, home to the Steelers.
Just down from that is the Pirates ballpark.
Heinz Stadium Home to the Steelers

Pirates Ballpark

We then drove to Franklin,PA to locate markers for forts Venango,Machault and Garrison. Franklin is known as a Victorian City and in the oil region of Pennsylvania at the confluence of the Allegheny River and French Creek.
Lamberton House B&B

Downtown Franklin


On the way home we stopped at the famous Hank's Frozen Custard located in Conneaut Lake Pa.  They have been a family business since 1952 and still use the original Custard making machines. They serve  authentic frozen custard which has a higher content of butterfat and egg yolk. John and I like frozen custard and the stands are few and far between. We did find several in NY,but this is the best.
This is the Best Custard

Original Custard Machines

Um Good

Worth the Detour

A long day and Destiny was glad to get home.