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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Visit to the Granite Museum and Quarry

17 July 2012

We were supposed to tour fort sites in the Burlington area today, but rain precluded. Sun came out in afternoon so we decided to take a short trip to Graniteville to visit the Rock of Ages quarry and museum. It is only 30 minutes north on 89 and east on 63.

The quarry dates back to 1885 and is one of the largest in Vermont mining gray granite. They make mausoleums,columbaria, memorials, tombstones as well as granite used in buildings and statues.

The tour is 40 minutes and the guide gives a history of the mining process. Somewhat complicated. The quarry is 600 feet deep and enough granite to last 4,000 years. It appears to be very difficult work, especially in the heat. They do close down during harsh winter months of January and February.

We then took a tour of the factory where they process the granite.

Made some purchases in the gift shop..maple syrup, hats and postcards.

Interesting tour if you have the time. http://www.rockofages.com

Guide Explaining Mining Process

View of Quarry

Another View

Processing Area

Some of the Tombstones

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