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Monday, July 9, 2012

Lobster Girl

8 July 2012

Well, I finally got my lobster dinner. Must say this is my first and last whole lobster experience.
This Looks Complicated
Not at all what I expected. I had to have instructions on the proper way to approach the art of taking it apart. Several of the diners took pity and offered help. It involves about 8 steps and I was not prepared for the "tomalley", the green stuff that is basically the pancreas, liver and intestines. Some people consider this a delicacy even though it is toxic. When I reached that point, I lost my appetite.

If I eat lobster again, it will be in chowder or on a lobster roll. Of course,the eyes staring at me didn't help either. I've decided that Salmon is my seafood of choice.

John must have known more than I,  he ordered the prime rib.

If you are interested there is a website that tells all about lobsters.

Looks easier than it is

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