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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Days in Vermont

22-23 July 2012

Our last days were spent searching for parts to repair the shades that need to be restrung. We found a parts store in Montpelier for the kit and screws we needed at Fastenal. Walked around the town and had lunch.

Vermont Capital

Courthouse Montpelier

History Museum Montpelier

We talked with our neighbor Art and his wife, Gloria about the process of restringing the shade as he is an expert. His advice put it in perspective so my resourceful and handy husband was able to restring the shade which is over the dining table. The ones in bedroom at a later date. John's handywork saved us $300 which is what Fleetwood wanted for the job.

John is very adept at repairs. He also installed a manual switch for the electric steps. Thanks,dear.

Tomorrow we leave for Henderson Harbor, NY.

1 comment:

  1. Montpelier looks like postcards. Great pictures.
    Glad you were able to restring the blinds. We are gearing up to get to Colorado. Have the brake for the car ordered. Maybe in a week we will be on the road.