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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Last Days in Maine

Captain's Sams Ice Cream

Our last few days in Maine before leaving for Randolph Center, VT were spent on little things we didn't  do the past month. A trip to LL Bean in Freeport, Ice Cream stops, drive to Sebago Lake, working on the motorhome steps, deciding our route back to Oregon,sorting out the clothes and thorough cleaning of the IHome and just doing nothing.

One interesting Ice Cream shop is downtown Portland on Commercial called Captain Sam's. It has an alligator outside with a large ice cream cone. Most of the ice cream shops in Maine featured homemade, many flavors. A single scoop runs around $4, but is like a double. You can really tell the difference between homemade and store bought.

A drive to Sebago Lake..20 miles from campground. Weather not so good for pictures. Sebago Lake is Maine's 2nd largest lake with Moosehead the largest in Northwest Maine.  Sebago is 316 feet deep and covers 45 square miles in surface. It is the primary water supply for Portland.It is also a very popular recreation area.

The town of Freeport is home to LL Bean open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. We went to the outlet and I finally found a backpack and shirt to match some cargo pants. John got a shirt with back flap to ward off mosquitoes and a yellow tee. They had some good prices. Backpack was only $20 and shirt $10.

Some interesting facts about Maine:

State Capital: Augusta
Nickname: Pine Tree State
Motto: Dirigo(I Lead)
Bird: Chickadee
Gemstone: Tourmaline
Treat: Whoopie Pie
Fish: Landlocked Salmon
Animal: Moose

Maine became a state in 1820. It is recognized as the most healthful state in nation.
Has 5,500 miles of coastline and 2000 islands. 320 miles long and 210 miles wide.
Has 543,000 acres of state and national parks. Has one mountain..Mt Katahdin 5271 feet high.
Has the largest blueberry crop in nation. 90% of all lobster is trapped here and the only state to be bordered by one other state..New Hampshire. Has over 60 lighthouses and produces 90% of the country's toothpicks.It also contains 32,000 miles of rivers and streams.

Our next trip to Maine will take us to the Northeastern part for at least a month or longer.

While here we visited over 28 fort sites. Think this tops our state visit lists.

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