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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fort Ticonderoga Visit

11 July 2012

After leaving Destiny for an overnight stay at the Randolph Animal Hospital, we enjoyed a very scenic drive through the hills and over the Green Mountains to Fort Ticonderoga. The trip included a short 10 minute car ferry ride across Lake Champlain.

Fort View Taken from Poster
Fort Ticonderoga was originally called Fort Carillon by the French who built it in 1755 at the beginning of the Seven Years War. In one of the bloodiest battles until the Civil War, the French defeated an attacking British force in 1758. The next year the British succeeded in securing the Fort and held it for 16 years. They renamed it Fort Ticonderoga. In 1775 during the American Revolution, Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold and the Green Mountain Boys captured the fort. This was considered the first American victory of the Revolution. In 1777 the British returned and forced the evacuation of the American army.  Several months later after the British were defeated at Saratoga, they evacuated and destroyed the fort.
Enlisted Barracks, Now a Museum

Officers Quarters
In 1820 the Fort and grounds were purchased by the Pell family who began the preservation legacy. William Ferris Pell's great grandson, Stephen began the extensive restoration of the fort and his wife started the formal King's Garden. It was named the first National Historic Landmark in 1960.

Pell Family Home

Cannons Positioned Toward Mount Defiance
The fort is now beautifully preserved and interpreted and one of the most impressive we have seen on our trip. It has the largest collection of historic cannons in the US and a great museum full of artifacts from the site. Unfortunately the Pell family home is in much need of repair. The Kings Gardens are well maintained.


Fife and Drum

Making Soldier's Shoes

Leisure Time

Sewing the Uniforms

Soldier at Rest

My Honey

After visiting the fort we drove down the lake to Mount Defiance with a beautiful view of the Fort. The cannons placed atop Mount Defiance convinced the Americans to withdraw from Fort Ticonderoga.

View of Fort from Mount Defiance

  We then drove to Crown Point to see the ruins of Forts St. Frederic and Crown Point.

Ruins of Fort Crown Point

Crossing over the Lake Champlain bridge into Vermont, we took a different route home passing through the charming towns of Middlebury, Breadloaf and Rochester. We stopped in Randolph at the Village Pizza for dinner. Must say this is the best pizza we have eaten. The crust was light and crispy and the toppings very fresh.

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