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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fort Ontario in Oswego,NY

27 July 2012

Today we took the scenic drive via Hwy 3 and 104 to Oswego NY to visit Fort Ontario on Lake Ontario and mouth of Oswego River
Officers Quarters Built 1842

Outside of Fort Ontario

Fort Ontario was established by the British in 1755 during the French & Indian War. Destroyed by the French in 1756 and rebuilt by the British in 1759. The original name of the fort was Fort of the Six Nations. In 1777 the British abandoned the fort and in 1778 American troops destroyed it in 1778.

Once again the British rebuilt the fort in 1782 and held it until 1796.
During the War of 1812, the British captured and destroyed it in 1814.
Finally  in 1838 the fort was rebuilt by American troops and used during the Civil War, WW I and WW II when it was transferred to the State of New York in 1945.

During WW II it served as an emergency refugee center for victims of the Holocaust.

The fort today is being restored to its 1868-1872 appearance.

Firing of the Cannon

Firing of the Cannon

Beautiful View

Enlisted Barracks

Officers Quarters Office

Officers Quarters

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