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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fort No 4 Charlestown, NH

20 July 2012

Once again we took Destiny for overnight boarding as it is going to be a long day visiting Fort No 4 and fort markers south.

Fort No 4 is located in New Hampshire across the Connecticut River just off IH91. It is a complicated story so I won't get into the entire history.
For that you can go to http://www.fortat4.org

The location is in Charlestown,NH and was part of land grant in 1734 known as plantations or settlements by the English. At that time it was the northernmost settlement of English colonies. The land was fertile with many animals for harvesting. It was also inhabited by the Indians who were allied with the French. In 1743 the settlers decided to build a fort for protection. However, in times of peace a good trading relationship existed between the settlers and Indian tribes. The fort was abandoned in 1746.
During the last part of the French & Indian War, many soldiers were stationed here until the defeat of the French in 1761 and the Treaty of Paris in 1763. At that time the fort was abandoned.

In 1960 work was started in reconstructing the fort and continues to this day. I must say that the volunteers have done a beautiful job in the construction and furnishing to make it look as it did in then.

The fort sits at the confluence of the Connecticut and Black Rivers.

Lt Parker House (2 Story Garrison)

Officer House


Weaving Room



Museum Display of Indian Tepees

Wooden Door Handle

Note Cannon next to Bed

Inside the Fort

Back View of Fort

Delicious Maple Pulled Pork

After driving into Massachusetts for some fort markers as well as Brattleboro,VT, we stopped at "The Vermont Country Deli" in Brattleboro for some Vermont cheese, pepper jelly and 2 maple pulled pork sandwiches. Delicious. Address is 436 Western Ave.

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