Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pima Museum with Darin & Dinner at Campground

15 November 2017

10 November

Today we went with Darin to the Pima Air and Space Museum near the base. This was our second visit and Darin's first. This is the 3rd largest air museum in the world and they have quite a collection. After lunch in the cafe, we toured the inside exhibits and then walked around outside. Darin was a load master on the C-141 during the 90's and to his surprise, the C-141 on display was one he flew on. He remembered the identifying numbers from his flight log which he still keeps. Kind of made his day.





Darin by the C-141

In Front of the Super Guppy

Another View of the Guppy

Sunday, Darin and Kerry came for early dinner. Fixed an assortment of nosh and fajitas. Kerry enjoyed a bottle of Pinot Grigio and Darin and I a bottle of Merlot. We had good conversation and laughs. They are planning a big Thanksgiving day with family.

My Guys

14 November 2017

Today we took the Malibu in for a new compressor. Our friends Marta and Bill recommended a place that recently did work for them. It is always good when in a strange area to get feedback. We rented a car and dropped the car at Century A/C. Todd, the owner is very nice. We can't complain as the car has over 200,000 miles and this is first problem we have had with the A/C. Thanks friends for your recommendation. Asked Todd if it would last another 200,000 miles and he laughed.

On the rental car we noticed a dragon fly attracted to the antenna so had to get a picture.

Later in the week, Freedom RV is sponsoring a cookout at the campground with attendees bringing a potluck dish. I am going to make a pasta salad. They generally bring over several RV's for viewing.

On Friday we are meeting Bill and Marta for lunch at La hacienda.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Arrival at Davis MonthanAFB and Visits with Friends and Family

8 November 2017

5 November

We departed early for Wickenburg via Hwy 93 arriving around 130PM. Drive took us via Boulder City, and Kingman.Sunday is a good day for travel as traffic is light especially in LV.

Scenes on Hwy 93

Lake Mead

Scene on Hwy 93--Looks like Pyramids..ET's have been busy..hee here

We are staying for the night at Desert Cypress RV just behind McDonald's and Subway on Hwy 60 east. The campground is adjacent to a 55 plus mobile home park and appears the RV park is somewhat new and very nice.Much nicer than the one we stayed in last time..Horsepitality.

Desert Cypress-Wickenburg AZ

Site #11

6 November

We arrived at Davis Monthan AFB campground around noon and much to our surprise, there were many open spaces. Usually we have to go into drycamp for several days. We chose #19 in the first section. Very nice park with mountain views. We are here to visit son Darin and son-in-law Kerry as well as friends Marta and Bill whom we met several years ago at the Air Force Academy..

Davis Monthan AFB Campground Site #19
Morning Sunrise

8 November

Today we are going to Bill and Marta's for lunch and later over to Darin and Kerry's. Turns out that Darin is teaching at the same school Marta taught. What a small world. ..hoping they can meet sometime.

Marta fixed a delicious lunch for us..tacos, refried beans, rice and a lemon cake with pinapple and whipped cream topping with pecans and coconut. Melted in your mouth. Sent some with us for Darin and Kerry. They live in  a Del Webb community north of Tucson. Gave us a tour of the neighborhood and community center..very nice with state of the art exercise equipment and salt water pool.  Their dog Chewie is a dear and very friendly. Thank you dear friends for a wonderful afternoon and visit. Sure we will visit again before we leave.

Bill, Marta & Chewie

Bill & Marta

With Good Friends

We then drove over to Darin and Kerry's who live around 10 miles away. Kerry was still at work and we will all meet up for dinner at North's. They are planning a large Thanksgiving with family. Kerry has family living in Tucson and one of the reasons they relocated from San Antonio. After wine and conversation on the patio, Darin drove with us to the restaurant.  Delicious food, conversation , we departed for the campground and will get together on Sunday at campground.

With Darin

Kerry & Darin

Dinner at North's

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Last Days at Desert Eagle RV Park-Nellis AFB

04 November 2017

Our time is drawing to a close as we depart tomorrow for 1 night in Wickenbery AZ before arriving Davis Monthan AFB until the 24th.  While there we will visit son Darin and son in law Kerry as well as friends Marta and Bill. Darin and Kerry are planning a big Thanksgiving family get together.

We have had a good stay at Nellis AFB Desert Eagle RV park visiting with campground friends and LV friends. Sure did enjoy Shylo and Smokey. They are sweet dogs.

Kevin & Shylo

Kevin, Joy & Shylo
Denise, Phil & Smokey

Today I even saw some snow on Mt Charleston. Did not get any Thunderbird photos this trip as they were touring on weekends and our site did not afford the clear views of their flyovers, but I did get some other photos AF planes.





We both had good checkups at the clinic and John even had a Nuclear/Cardiolite 3 hour test. First good checkup he has had since 2012 and his quad bypass in 2011. So we feel good to go to continue our trip to Newfoundland.

We visited our favorite restaurants with friends...Pieology, Hampton's, Yardstick,Kneaders,Bagel Cafe,John Mulls' Road Kill and Cracker Barrel. Tonight we are going with Phil,Denise, Joy and Kevin to Cracker Barrel.

Lunch at Road Kill with Joy and Kevin
Dinner at Cracker Barrel with Denise,Phil,Joy & Kevin

Last Sunday, Cousin John, wife Vicki and son Jarrett stopped by for a visit. They were in LV for 1 night before heading back to NC. Last time I saw John was in 2012 when we were in NC. Had never met Jarrett nor their other son, Benjamin. John is mother's sister Aunt Lyt's youngest son. It sure was good visiting with them and hope our next visit is not so far. Just love to hear that southern drawl and it has been a long time since I've heard yes Ma'am. Thanks family for taking time to visit and let us keep in touch. Jarrett, you are a son of whom to be proud.

Dinner a Pieology with Family

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Friends, Chores and Anniversary

12 October 2017

7 October 2017

Today we met Rose Mary, Chuck and their son Carl at Suncoast to see "Victoria and Abdul". It is a very good movie and highly recommend. We have been following the Queen Victoria series on PBS and find her life and reign very interesting. Afterward we went to the Red Rock for dinner at the "Yardstick". We had a nice visit and to our surprise, Carl treated us to dinner. You are most generous, Carl , and we thank you. It sure was a fun evening.

Earlier in the week, we had the iHome washed and John spent 2 days waxing it only to have a windstorm blow in and putting a film of dust over it.  It has also been a week of chores.

We got the flag setup that our friend, Phil, highly recommended. After struggling for 8 years with different flag poles, this is a sure thing using suction cups. No more climbing the ladder and it can be positioned to your site. What a great idea. The company is Gostik.com. Thank you Phil. He also recommended a product for cleaning the headlights, chrome and other lights called FLITZ. He gave us a demonstration and John ordered the kit.

Eric sent us some photos from the 5K Bubble run in Austin that he and granddaughter Parker participated. Good job family.

Finally got the old Apple laptop ready to send to Cade.Had to take it to Apple in Summerlin to have an OS installed.We had erased data, but unable to install OS. Those geni;us bar techs are so smart.

10 October 2017

Today is our Anniversary. It has been a very good journey and so thankful that we have each other. Looking forward to many more years of love and journeys together. We are blessed with family, friends and experiences.