Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Friday, June 15, 2018

CAT from Yarmouth NS to Portland ME

15 June 2018

Awoke early for the arrival at CAT for 830AM departure from Yarmouth NS to Portland ME. Got there at 700AM. Since we were in a motorhome, we were boarded last. Not a full ship. There are 3 cafes and ample seating. Staff is very accommodating and helpful. Had breakfast and settled in the middle area for less motion. First part of trip which is 5 1/2 hrs was motion iffy. Got a bottle of ginger ale and several packets of cracker. Only ate part of my breakfast cibatta and gave John the rest. Thanks, Carolyn, for cotton suggestion in ear..think it helped. As it goes, if you are right handed put cotton in left ear and vice versa. As the trip progressed, ride was less motion. Had homemake chicken noodle soup for lunch.


Imagine Backing Down This

Boarding the CAT

Middle Lounge Area


Feeling Better

Forward Area


Pilot Boat

There is a nice gift shop onboard and movies are shown. Downside is no Wi-Fi. If you are towing, you must book tow as separate vehicle. The reason for this is..oneway on oneway off. This was highlight of John's day when we arrived in Portland to find unlike other ferries we have taken, you back off ..took some 3 staff to guide him and make modifications. At least it was straight backup. Wonder how this will go in Yarmouth as it involves turns. Also, when we got to campground,noticed since we were the last on, the motorhome was covered in sea salt. Still would recommend this as a way to get to Nova Scotia if you don't want to do the longer drive.

Some nice scenes arriving into Portland.


Fort Scammel

Fort Gorges

Portland Light


I've said it before and will say it again,if we never see MA again it will be too soon. Traffic in both directions is a stop and go nightmare. It took us over 4 hours to drive to campground which was only 160 miles.Makes no difference which route you take.

Camper's Haven in Wales, MA just south of IH90 is a very nice campground and the owners are very friendly and helpful. They let us wash down the motorhome because of the salt. Only here1 night.

Long drive tomorrow..300 miles to Sodus Point NY..we were last there in 2016. Very nice and scenic on Lake Ontario.

Not to Be--Trip back to Oregon

13 June 2018

Well when we awoke this morning we decided that Newfoundland was not to be as we would have to rent cars for two months and some of the areas did not offer rental cars. Renting cars would be a much added expense. This was a huge disappointment as we had been looking forward to touring the area. This would have been our 10th Province to tour.

So we drove into Digby on the way to Yarmouth and asked them to send the Malibu to a junkyard. Thanked them for all their hard work in trying to get it ready for travel. Spent most of day cancelling all our campground  and ferry reservations.
Changed the CAT from Yarmouth to Portland ME for the 15th and started working on our route and stops back to Oregon.

Our return schedule:

 15 June..CAT to Portland ME..830AM departure..arrive Portland ME 130PM..1 night Camper's Haven..Wales,MA

 16 & 17 June..South Shore RV..Sodus Point,NY

 18 June..Huron River Valley RV..Huron, OH

 19 June.Hollywood Casino...Joliet IL

 20 June..Timberline RV..Waukee,IA

 21 June..Offutt AFB..Omaha, NE

 23 June..Holiday RV..North Platte NE

 24 June..Warren AFB..Cheyenne,WY

 26 June..KOA..Rock Springs, WY

 27 June..Hill AFB..Ogden,UT

 30 June..Gowen Field..Boise,ID

 01 July..Redmond,OR

It will be a rushed trip with 1 and 2 night stops along the way traveling IH80 to IH84 and Hwy 20 to Redmond.

Tonight and tomorrow night staying in Yarmouth at Camper's Haven about a 5 minute drive to the CAT. The CAT is a 5 hr trip.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Last Days at Campground

11 June 2018

Today we drove out to Victoria Beach, a short drive through Granville Ferry. This area sits across from Annapolis Royal and Digby on the Annapolis River with view of Bay of Fundy at the end. Passed a lighthouse and Halifax Pony Express Plaque enroute.

Halifax Pony Express Plaque

Ferry from St John to Digby

Home in Granville Ferry

Returning back, snapped some photos of homes in Annapolis Royale and Dunromin Campground.

This is a very nice campground with a very friendly and accommodating staff. The Stone Horse Cafe provided delicious food and John had the "Monster Burger" for lunch one day and 2 days we enjoyed breakfast. Thanks staff for a wonderful stay.

Monster Burger

We are on the road again the 13th spending one night at Scotia Pines RV in Truro NS on our way to bras d'or near Sydney and the ferry to Argentia NL.

Note about car: returned rental today and Keith with Enterprise brought us back to campground. Seems strange being without a car. Anyway left the Malibu with Chevrolet and they will keep us posted on progress. Will stop back on our return on the 15th enroute to Yarmouth for the Ferry to Portland, Me.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Car Problems

11 June 2018

When we arrived at our Campground in Annapolis Royale/Granville Ferry on 31 May our intent was to stay until the 7th and then go to Indian Harbor until the 14th, but fate stepped in we started experiencing car problems with our 15 year old 220,000 mile Malibu. Check engine and low fluid lights kept coming on. John felt that coolant was leaking into the engine a different problem than we had in Wilmington, NC when we had seals and gaskets replaced.

On the 5th we took it to the Chevolet dealer in Digby and after spending the better part of the day were finally given two options: take the engine out and replace the gasket which was the more expensive $3000 or find a used one and replace the gasket for $1700-2000. We chose this option and were told we could have it by Friday the 8th. We rented a car from Enterprise since our campground is 25 miles away.

Well, it is now the 11th and still no car. Seems the people at the salvage yard who found the replacement failed to check the engine for any malfunctions.  After the engine was installed, knocking and pings made it undriveable . At this rate not sure we will ever get it operational since 2003 Malibu engines are hard to find. So we will have to come up with Plan-B.

Must say the Campground, Dunromin, has been very accommodating in letting us extend our stay. We are now scheduled out on the 13th. We are trying to stay optimistic that our car will be ready by then and we can continue our journey.

If the car can't be repaired, we will just leave it here and send to junk yard. We considered buying a used Malibu, but buying a car in Canada and taking back to US involves a lot of paperwork etc.

After discussing the continuing trip since we are so close and slim chances of returning, we decided to leave the car with Chevrolet until we return to see if another engine can be found. We will just have to rent cars along the way in Newfoundland.

Must say the staff at Chevrolet tried their utmost to solve our problem, but when dealing with a car this old, not an easy fix. Must be a message here.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Drive to Liverpool and LaHave NS

9 June 2018

Congratulations to granddaughter Kendyl on her HS graduation and member of the National Honor Society. Wishing all the best in your future. Continue to aspire and dream. So sorry we could be with you, but you are always in our thoughts.

Today we drove to Liverpool via Hwy 8 from Annapolis Royal and on to LeHave returning back via Hwy 10. It was such a nice drive and relaxing. Never tire of the small communities with their well maintained homes..each somewhat different..pride of ownership..beautiful gardens and flowers.

Liverpool  located on the Eastern side of Nova Scotia south of Halifax was founded in 1759 and the port of privateers and home to world class shipbuilders. We stopped at the Fort Point Lighthouse and Battery defender of town and trade from privateers and agressors. The Lighthouse welcomed safe entry into the harbor for seafarers. Shipbuilding made Liverpool a wealthy community with some of the fastest ships built here. Liverpool was the departure point for ships  laden with fish and lumber to Europe,West Indies and North America. Liverpool was the privateering capital of British NA. In 1813 a Battery and Blockhouse were built on this site to defend Liverpool from unscrupulous American Privateers. The Lighthouse is the Province's 3rd oldest surviving and is now a museum. You can walk the steep stairs to the top and blow the foghorn which I did.

Lighthouse Sign

Battery & Lighthouse

Cannons & Cairn

Privateering Sign

King Orange Rangers Plaque


Pointed Toward the Atlantic

Fort  Point Battery Sign

Blockhouse-Non Existent



 Our final stop was Fort Sainte de Grace and Lighthouse in LeHave at the mouth of the LeHave River established in 1632 as a permanent Acadia settlement. It was abandoned in 1636 for  Port Royal, destroyed by fire in 1653. Cannons, a cairn and lighthouse exist today. The Lighthouse was built in 1875 to serve as navigation for ships on Dublin Bay and the LaHave River,demolished in in 1954 and replaced by an unwatched light and is now a museum.

Model of Sainte Marie de Grace



Lighthouse-Now Museum

Museum Display

Museum Display

Fort Sainte Marie de Grace Plaque on Cairn

LaHave Harb

LeHave is located near the town of Bridgewater on Hwy 331. Champlain made landfall here in 1604 and Henry Hudson in 1609. Even tho the Mi'kmaq showed hospitality to Hudson and his crew, an unprovoked assault was staged against the Mi'kmaq and as a result a raid on the next Dutch ship was undertaken in 1611. Today the community is home to many artisans.

It was a nice driving day and upon returning to camp met a couple from Salem who are also fulltimers and an other couple from Georgia. Both couples are going to Newfoundland.