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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Citadel Awards Parade

17 February 2018

Today we returned to the Citadel to view the Awards Parade.

Two awards were presented..The Society of the Cincinnati Medal that is awarded annually to the senior cadet officer who best exemplifies the citizen-soldier characteristics of Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, a Roman farmer who left his plow to fight for the city returning to the plow after the victory. The society began in Fishkill,NY in 1783 after the Revolutionary War honoring the Americans who left their shops and farms to fight.

The MacArthur award is given annually to the senior Cadet who demonstrates outstanding qualities in academic, military and athletic endeavors. The foundation encourages students to practice the qualities of General Douglas MacArthur.

Presenting of Awards

Military parades and reviews can be traced back to Alexander the Great. US Military parades began at Valley Forge. Modern day ceremonies are conducted to inspect troops, render honors, preserve tradition and foster espirit de corps. Parades are free and open to the public.

It warms the heart to see these young cadets display honor, dignity and respect. Also discipline and academic achievements.

If only our public and private colleges and universities could instill the same values. It is truly an honor to be accepted at military colleges.

Returning to the campground, took a picture of a C-117 between the trees.

Upper Right Corner

Friday, February 16, 2018

Arrival Charleston and some touring

13 February 2018

A 200 mile drive today to our home for next 30 days, JB Charleston. We were last here in 2012.
This is a very nice campground and well maintained. We are in#20, one of the better sites for satellite and wifi. Hosts are very helpful and friendly. MWR is short walk, commissary and exchange by the Dorchester Gate.

Site 20

Air Base Wing, Air Mobility Command. In 2010 it was merged with the US Navy Support Activity Charleston. The base shares runways with the Charleston International Airport. The C-17 Globemaster flies out of here.

14 February 2018

Today we drove into town to visit the site of the former US Arsenal that is now home to MUSC ( Medical University of SC).

Plaque About Porter Military Academy

The Arsenal was established in 1841-1879. In 1860 it was captured by CSA forces and returned to Union in 1865. It was abandoned in 1879 and sold to Porter Military Academy in 1888. In 1964 the MUSC acquired the property of the former Arsenal and  Porter Academy. MUSC  dates to 1824 and is the oldest continually operating school of medicine in the US and oldest in deep south. There are no remaining buildings from the Arsenal.The brick wall was erected around 1825 along the four streets around the Arsenal that include Bee,Ashley,Doughty and Presidents Sts.

The Waring Library was constructed in 1894 and served as the library for the Porter Academy. It features many medical exhibits.

Waring Library
Plaques About Hospital Strike in 196

St Luke's Church sits on the corner of Bee and Ashley Sts. It is non denominational and was originally the artillery shed of the Arsenal built between 1825 and 1832. It was acquired by Rev Porter in 1879 for the purpose of educating boys orphaned and left destitute by the Civil War.Rev Porter converted the shed into a chapel. The building served the students until 1965.
In 1989 Hurricane Hugo severely damaged the building and contents. St Luke's Chapel was restored and rededicated in 1994.

St Luke's Chapel

15 February 2018

Our objective today was to visit the Citadel, South Carolina's Military College. When we arrived, our timing was perfect as the cadets were preparing for the practice parade. The full dress Retreat Parade is tomorrow at 345PM which if the weather is good we will return to view. The full dress is done on Fridays at 345PM except during spring break.

The Citadel was established in 1842 and close after the Civil War. Reopened in 1882. The first class of six cadets graduated in 1846. When Union troops captured Charleston, the Citadel ceased operation in 1865. The original site was Marion Square in downtown and in 1920 a cornerstone was laid at the present site. Today it offers 23 undergraduate degrees, 27 Master's programs with enrollment in the Corps of Cadets at 2349 with 9% women and 25% minorities.

Class Ring Replica at Entrance

Parade Ground

Padgett-Thomas Barracks


Summerall Chapel

Memorial Plaque

Clock Tower

Tank Display by Live Oak

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tour of Washington, GA

10 February 2018

In spite of the fog, we had some other sites in Washington, Ga to see. Washington is in the county seat of Wilkes and the town is often referred to as Washington-Wilkes to distinguish from other places named Washington. The town was settled in 1774 and founded by Stephen Heard and named for George Washington. It served as a temporary capital of Georgia from 1780 to 1781.

As we arrived at the Courthouse, the National Anthem was playing prior to the firing of the muskets by the Revolutionar Re-enactors. Perfect timing.

Wilkes County Plaque
 Below are Plaques citing Blacks who fought with the Militia and Patriots.
Up to 40% of Blacks and Native Americans were included. If a life or flag of the enemy was taken, they received their freedom.
Confederate Monument in Front of Courthouse

Monument to Blacks who fought with the Patriots.

More Signage for the Black Patriots

Austin Dabney received his freedom and land as well as a pension .

The city of the location of the last meeting Jefferson Davis had with the Confederate Cabinet in 1865. The meeting took place at the Heard House which is now the Georgia Bank Bldg. There were no major Civil War battles fought here.

Washington prides itself with a list of "firsts" as noted in photo below. Some interesting firsts.

One of Washington's most intriguing mysteries is the story of the lost gold belonging to the Confederates believed to be buried in the area. It was worth $100,000 when it disappeared in 1865 valued today at $3.6 million. It  has not been found.

Our first stop was the Historical Museum where we were greeted by a very interesting man whose family had a one time lived in the home and who gave us a history of the home. The Museum has many relics dating back to the 1700's. The house was built in 1835 by Albert Semmes on land owned by Revolutionary hero Micajah Williamson. In 1857 the house was sold to Samuel Barnett and the home was enlarged. They lived there until 1913. After the house was acquired by the city of Washington, extensive restoration was begun and it is now a museum.


Dress of the Era

Dining Room

Ladies Bedroom

We then went to Kettle Creek Battlefield where one of the most important battles of the American Revolutionary War was fought in 1779. The battle was a victory for the Patriots. 70 Loyalists were killed, 75 prisoners taken and the Patriots lost 32 men.In 1779 Georgia was under British control except for Wilkes County. In 1900 the DAR purchased the land where the battle took place and funds were appropriated for the preservation and monument on War Hill.

Our final stop was the Robert Toombs House. Toombs was a successful lawyer, planter, state legislator, US Congressman, first Confederate Secretary of State and brigadier general in the Army of Northern Virginia. His last service to Georgia citizens was creating the Constitution of Georgia in 1877. This was not amended until 1945. He was born 1810 and died 1885 in Washington, GA. After the Civil War, he fled to Cuba and Paris returning to Washington in 1867.



Dining Room

Ladies Bedroom

Men's Bedroom

We depart on Tuesday for Charleston AFB until the 15th of March. Will start making our reservations at RV Parks in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland while here. Have made ferry reservations from Nova Scotia to Argentia on the 20th June with a return on the 13 August from Port Aux Basques to Nova Scotia. Awaiting ferry schedule from Portland Me to Yarmouth NS and return. Ferry to Argentia is around 15 hours so we got a cabin. Return is 8 hours with reserved seating. Total cost $1835.