Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Drive to Central Point & Arrival in Redmond

13 May 2019

Early departure today from Crescent City,CA to Central Point,OR via Hwy 199 to IH 5 in Grants Pass. Not a drive we would like to do often...very winding, narrow,two lane, but scenic. Fortunately lots of pullouts.

Drive to Central Point

We went to C & C tires to get our new Michelin tires installed. We used them in November 2013 when we had the blowout on the inner back driver's side tire and used the FMCA discount. We then checked in at the KOA Gold Hill for 3 nights;however, due to impending weather of thunderstorms, we decided to stay only 1 night and they graciously refunded the 2 nights. This was our second stay here and would definitely recommend. It is very clean, quiet, FHU and friendly staff.

14 May 2019

Left around 930AM for the 188 mile trip to Redmond OR and next stop until the 30th May, Deschutes County Fairgrounds RV Park. A very nice park with concrete pads, FHU, good space between sites and well maintained. Normally we would stay at Hope and Shawn's, but with their new home there are no hookups and turn into property rather tight. Price here with Good Sam is $35. The only place to stay in Redmond.

Site C-18

Will be Full This Summer

Checkin and Laundry

Our drive today had some rain and again rather precarious taking Hwy 62 to 230 to 138 to 97 into Redmond. Worse part of drive was 62 out of Shady Cove and parts of 230. Got up to 6000 ft elevation and there was still snow on ground. Stopped for picnic on Hwy 97 and John felt the tires were over inflated. He was right as 5 of the tires had 120 PSI instead of the 95-100.
So he corrected and plans on notifying C & C.

Drive to Redmond

A bit of Snow

Enjoying the View

Raining when got to campground and motorhome and car filthy from the drive. More rain expected in the next week. Juniper is in bloom and the pollen is giving John misery. The cedar in Texas had the same effect. His eyes are watering and he just feels miserable.  A slight clearing so we went to see Colt play baseball. His team won 11-5. Cade was practicing on another field preparing for a tournament in Klamath Falls this weekend.

It is good to be back with family. Will go over to Hope and Shawn's tomorrow for dinner.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Last Days at Crescent City

12 May 2019

To our daughters Hope,Christine,Elizabeth and daughter in law Cindy I wish you a very special Mother's Day. You are all loving and nurturing mother's and a blessing to our family. May your day and everyday be special.

Tomorrow we depart for Central Point,OR at the KOA. While there we are getting new tires (6) for the Motorhome at C & C Tires. We last got tires from them when we had a blowout enroute to same place in November 2013.

On Saturday we drove the 20 miles to Brookings OR to view the Harris Beach SP RV park. What a nice surprise. The park sits on a bluff above the Pacific with commanding views. This is a definite stop next year. Took some photos of the views. The park has 65 FHU sites and 29 E/W.

We did not do the Trees of Mystery tour due to the many foggy days. Will try and do it from Brookings next year.

We had to move our site due to electrical issues. They are still trying to figure  out problem. Lots of fishing boats in campground.

Crescent City has been devastated with Tsunamis in 1964 and 2006. The town for the most part has rebounded.

Looking forward to getting back to Oregon family and friends visits.

Friday, May 10, 2019

WW II Radar Site & Drive Thru the Redwoods

9 May 2019

Today we drove south on 101 stopping first in Klamath at the WWII Radar site.

This radar site was established in late 1942 and early 1943 after the Japanese invasion of Alaska and subsequent bombing of Dutch Harbor in 1942. The fear was that the West Coast was next and that if the Japanese were able to establish bases in Alaska they would mount air attacks against the West Coast defense industries and cities. This radar site was  part of the air defenses of the West Coast.

We then drove the Davidson Road to the Elk Viewing area for a picnic. Unfortunately no Elk in the meadow. Very peaceful setting for a picnic.

Our next stop was the Kuchel Visitor Center where we bought two very nice jackets and walked down to the beach. Weather was still somewhat foggy and cold so the jackets came in handy.

On our way back to Crescent City we drove the Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway thru the Redwoods and hiked to view the Big Tree. Photos do not give a full perspective of how magnificent and beautiful are the Redwoods. Some can grow to a height of 380 ft and live to 2,000 years. Bark can be 12 in thick and the base 22 ft. They are reproduced by seed and sprout. If a Redwood is felled or badly burned, a ring trees often sprout from burls at the base. Saplings use the parent tree's root system. The root system penetrate 10  to13 feet deep, but spread out 60 to 80 ft.

Below are some photos of the Ocean, Beach and Sea Lions within walking distance of the campground.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Arrival Crescent City,CA

8 May 2019

Crescent City is only 125 miles from Redcrest north on 101 thru the towns of Eureka,Arcatal,Trinidad and Klamath. After leaving Arcata you have views of the Pacific and after Orick the Redwoods SP. In Klamath you once again have beautiful views of the Pacific. We decided to stop along side the road to enjoy picnic lunch and views.

The Bayside RV Park at first sight was a disappointment, but doable for 5 nights. They only have 30 amp and spaces are close. No discounts offered and backin sites are $40/nt. Guess we are spoiled by the last campground and other places we have stayed.It is on the harbor.

We have several places in the area we want to visit especially Trinidad 60 miles south and the Trees of Mystery in Klamath.

Gas is $4.25/gal. Had to go to Walmart to find a sewer connector that would fit in the smaller sewer pipe. Walmart did not have it so we went next door to ACE and they had it. John said that had a very well stocked RV section.

Drive to Shelter Cove

07 May 2019

The drive today took us south on 101 to the Redway Exit and over the Shelter Cove Road (23 miles) and almost an hour drive due to the winding narrow roads. When we left the campground it was sunny, but 5 miles before Shelter Cove a heavy fog awaited us.

I was surprised at the many homes in the area since it is so remote and only accessible by one main road or private plane and boat. For serious shopping you have to go into Garberville 25 miles away. Also expected a small town area with cafes and shops, but not that we could locate.

We drove down to the Mendocino Lighthouse and got a nice view of the sea lions on rocks below.

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Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

There is an RV park in the area, but certainly would not want be be that remote and endure the drive.

It is one of those been there, done that side trips.

Tomorrow we depart for Crescent Beach, CA and Bayside RV Park for 5 nights.