Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Friday, May 22, 2020

RV Repairs

18 May 2020

An early departure from Redmond, OR for Brazel's RV Repair in Centralia, WA to have needed repairs and maintenance on our Bounder with 100,000 miles and going into our 11th year of travel. Our good friends Jim and Gloria whom we met several years ago at McChord AFB campground recommended them to us.

Brazel's RV

Brazel RV Park

Huge Spruce Tree

Our drive took us up 97 to 26 to 205 and IH5..about 250 miles. We made the appointment back in January. They have a nice campground with E/W and dump station.

After checking in we drove down to see the Borst Blockhouse located in a park behind Safeway. The fort was erected in 1856 by Captain Francis Goff and five soldiers for protection of the Chehalis River crossing and storage of supplies needed by the troops engaged in the Washington Indian Wars. After the wars, Joseph bought it from the government for $500 and used it as a granary. It was moved in 1922 to its present site in Riverside Park.

19 May

The iHome went in for repairs and was brought back around 5PM with more work tomorrow. John decided to add some additional repairs. So appears we will be able to leave on Thursday for Coyote Run RV Park in Connell,WA. We had wanted to stay at Fairchild AFB in Spokane, but they have not reopened campground. Our 2nd choice was Moses Lake, but no space as this is a holiday weekend. Fortunately I was able to secure space at Coyote Run for 3 nights.

LIst of Repairs:

Transmission Service..drain fluid, install new filter and gasket
Replace fuel filter
Brake fluid flush..test for leaks
Replace rear brakes (we had front last Oct)
Rear brake rotor,Caliphers,Seal, pads etc
Install Safe-T-Plus
Front and Rear Koni Shocks

Thank you Brazel for your good service and sure we will be seeing you again in the future.

20 May

A 250 mile drive via IH 5 to 18 to IH 90 in the driving rain for most of the trip, we arrived at Coyote Run. In my opinion the only decent park in the area. Nice pull thru with FHU. We depart on the 24th for Deer Lodge,MT and Indian Creek RV until the 30th.

Snow on the Mountains and Rain

Crossing the Columbia

After trying to secure reservations at Mayport Naval Base in Jacksonville, McDill AFB in Tampa and Pensacola Blue Angel RV park, we have decided to forgo Florida and continue on to MS from Tupelo. A huge disappointment.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

01 May-18 May 2020

Last weeks with family and friends

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom..Anais Nin

Only 18 more days with family and friends in Oregon. Unfortunately we did not make it over to Salem to visit friends, but next time.

05 May we went to Hope's for dinner. I fixed fajitas and made some of the pretzel rolos that Robin introduced me to at the last pot luck.  I also made a cake from recipe that Carolyn sent me.Very easy to make  I later found another recipe to make ones that look like ladybugs, but Colt and Cade not interested in these.

Pretzel Rolo's

Lady Bug Pretzel 

1 20oz can cubed or crushed pineapple
1 15 oz can tropical fruit
1 pkg of orange cake mix ( I could not find the orange so used lemon instead)
1 1/2 sticks of butter
1/2 cup instant oatmeal
1 cup of coconut flakes

Preheat oven to 350
Dump the fruit and juices into a 9x12 pyrex dish
pour the dry cake mix on top and spread evenly
Mix oatmeal and coconut and sprinkle over cake mixture
Melt butter and pour evenly on top
Bake for 1 hour and serve with vanilla ice cream.

Thank you Carolyn. It was enjoyed by all.

Cade went fishing on the Columbia River one day with friend and caught a nice size salmon. Shawn and Hope grilled it on the Traeger with fresh vegetables. It was delish..Thank you Cade. John is so impressed with the grill he wants to get a portable one.

Proud Cade with Salmon

For Mother's day we gathered for dinner again at Hope and Shawn's. Shawn fixed tri tip on the grill, I fixed a slaw salad with diced peppers, squash and zucchini tossed with a lime/yogurt dressing. Something different and tasty. Earlier in the day met Hope at Lowe's garden to buy her choice of some plants for Mother's Day.

Prior to going to Hope's we stopped by Alinda and Ernie's to see their new puppy, Alli. A miniature Australian Sheepdog. She is so precious. Their other dog, Rodyo seems to have accepted her..think he misses Buffy their dog they lost last year.


Alinda, Ernie, Alli and Rodyo

Here's Looking at You
So Cuddly

John has stayed busy tracking down the water problem leak and after several trips to Rv Country for parts, he finally fixed it.He also spent several days installing the Wally system for the Dish Satellite. Several of our RV friends seem quite happy with it. So far all is good.Our new Satellite Reflector that Don painted for us gets many compliments. He also sent me a photo of his latest project.

I have been trying to finalize our Florida leg of continuing journey to no avail. So far we only have confirmations as far as TN and AK. We are trying to get into Mayport Naval Station and MacDill AFB. If not will continue west. Military Bases are slow in opening up. Will keep site updated as we are able to get confirmations.

On the 13th had Alinda and Ernie over for dinner. Fixed Shrimp Alfredo and Marion Berry Cobbler compliments of Willamette Farms. They brought Alli and gifts of goodies including lilacs from their garden, noshes and beautiful bamboo Oregon cheese board depicting important sights to visit in Oregon. Thank you friends we will enjoy all. Hope stopped by to meet Alli.

Bamboo Oregon Cheese/Cutting Board

Lilac Bouquet

Cuddling with Hope

Tomorrow night we are all going to Hope and Shawn's for chili dinner. Alinda is bringing dessert and John and I our appetites. Finally got a family photo this year.

With daughter Hope, Shawn, Cade & Colt

Grazing Horses at base of Smith Rock
Over the years I have collected Heart Shaped rocks for Hope during our travels and she has made a heart garden..a work in progress.

Heart Shaped Garden

16 May

Stanley Steemer came this morning to clean carpet, vinyl floor and upholstery. I have used their service since we bought the RV 11 years ago and they do a great job. Casey and Andrew, thank you.

17 May

Our last dinner with Hope and family before we depart tomorrow morning for Centralia, WA and Brazel's RV Repair.It will be another year before we return. Raining today and expected through tomorrow.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Family and Friends

01 May 2020

Drove out to Hope's and fixed spaghetti dinner. Cade and Shawn took the horses for a ride. Want to ride Katy before we leave.

Shawn on  Katy

Cade on Hiccup


Ernie made the Boot Hanger

02 May 2020

Our good friends who also live in Terrebonne invited us for dinner. As always, Alinda prepared a delicious dinner of baked salmon, twice baked potatoes, slaw, Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits and peach cobbler with ice cream. Know John wishes I could cook so good. He gets spoiled by Alinda and Hope. Always enjoy our visits and conversation with them. Thank for for the box of biscuit mix and the good time. Can't wait to see your new puppy.

Ernie & Alinda


Earlier in the day we went to Verizon to get me a new iPhone. I had the iPhone 7 which always needed charging. Really like this one. Brad was very patient and informative with me. Thank you for your good service. I now have the iphone 11 64GB.This has been past few months  of upgrading phones and iMac and getting the Apple Watches. So we are definitely the iHome
on the road. We also switched from Sprint to Verizon. Should have stayed with Verizon.

The campground is almost empty..only 12 of us. We have a nice pullthru site #C4 and close to laundry. The campground does not offer WiFi, but we have our own MiFi. Have a beautiful view of mountains. On a really clearday you can see from Mt Bachelor to Mt Hood including Broken Top, 3 Sisters and Mt Jefferson.

Expo RV Park #C4

Kind of Empty

View of 3 Sisters

John has been doing some minor repairs on the water system leak. On the way here, a trucker pulled up beside us and motioned that something was amiss on the right side. Turns out the propane bin door had blown open. We thanked him and proceeded on our way.

John also got a Wally for the TV and installed it.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Leaving LV and 2 day Journey to Redmond & Family

27 April-29 April 2020

We departed early this morning for our journey back to Oregon after a year to visit daughter Hope and family.

Our drive to Hawthorne, NV and Whiskey Flats RV Park (our 2nd visit since 2014) and a very nice park. We are only staying 1 night. Hawthorne is home to a huge Army Depot and Walker Lake Recreation Area. There is a Safeway within walking distance of the campground. Gas here is $2.85 so we did a partial fill-up to get us to Winemucca and a price of $1.65. Hawthorne is 300 miles from LV up Hwy 95 north. From Tonopah you get a nice view of the White Mountains in California.

White Mountains

Whiskey Flats RV #52

Rest Stop by Walker Lake

Walker Lake

28 April

Today is only a 200 mile drive to Winemucca,NV and the New Frontier RV Park..last time here we stayed at the KOA. New Frontier is probably the nicest park in town. Got a nice pull-thru. There is a Winger's Restaurant and small Casino on the property, but they were closed due to Pandemic. There is also a small cafe in the office building, also closed. The campground has several long term campers, but they are in the backin areas. There are also several cabins for rent.Property seems well maintained and staff friendly.

View of Campground


Site #18

Cabins for Rent

29 April

350 mile journey today via Hwy95,78, 20 and 97 to Redmond and Expo RV Park next to fairgrounds. In my opinion the only decent park in the area. We got a nice pull-thru #C5..we stayed here last year.It is only 10 miles to family.

On the way here we stopped for gas in Burns ($2.15) and cleaned the many,many bugs mostly black flies from front of motorhome. In the parking area spotted this "hippie" bus. Fixed our lunch and on our way to Redmond. On the drive got photo of Blue Mountains. Arrived at 3:30 and more bugs to clean. Also did laundry and went to Hope's for dinner.

Hippie Bus in Burns

Blue Mountains

Visited all the critters they now have. Cade has 4 pigs and Colt 1 steer and 2 heifers they are showing at the Deschutes Fair in August if it is not cancelled, which would be a huge disappointed and financial loss for them. They have worked very hard for this.

Colt & Cade

Hiccup,Katey and Rocky

Sunset on Smith Rocks

Another View from Porch


We will be here until 18th May when we go to Centralia, WA for 100,000 mile maintenance.

Weather is much cooler..in the 60's and 30's at night. Time to bring out the ceramic heater.