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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Arrival Lost Hills KOA

19 April 2019

Our last days at Seal Beach NWS Famcamp, finally spotted a Blue Heron on a nest, rabbit and ground squirrel of which there are many. No coyotes this trip as before on our previous 4 visits. Must say this is a very nice campground and well maintained. Staff is very helpful and nice.

Ground Squirrel
We went to the beach one day.

John completed installing the new fridge to the inverter. Had to make several trips to Lowe's and Thompson RV for parts.Another chore off the list.

Our drive to Lost Hills and the KOA took us 405 to 605 to IH 5 and exit 278 due to horrible LA traffic the 175 mlles took us around 5hours. The campground is under new ownership and the only RV park in Lost Hills which consists mostly of Gas stations, fast food and RV/Truck washes. No grocery stores except what you can buy in the gas stations. Our reason for stopping here on the way to Travis AFB was John wanted to drive over to Cambria to document a Radar site that closed in 1980. Normally we stop in Bakersfield.

IH 5 Traffic
KOA Lost HIlls #53

On our drive the hills were actually green..something we haven't seen in a very long time.

We depart here on the 23rd. The weather is very windy and hotter. Had to bring the slides in during the night for fear that the slide covers might be damaged.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Arrival Seal Beach NWS

9 April 2019

Several days before we departed El Centro Navy Air Facility, President Trump and Air Force One landed on base for his visit to the border at Calexico. Did not get a photo of him, but did of the plane. An awesome sight.

Air Force One

Also John spent 2 days installing the new water heater..not an easy task. He needed some parts which he found at an RV store in Yuma, Home Depot and plumbing supply in El Centro. He is so adept at doing repairs a necessity if owning an RV saving us money. He still blames Oscar the Owl.

Old Water Heater


New Water Heater Installed


Our drive to Seal Beach NWS took us via IH 8 to IH 5 to the 405 and exit 22. This is our 5th visit and must say have no complaints. It is a very nice military campground with spacious sites, free laundry with 8 washers and 8 dryers, nice walking paths, staff very friendly and helpful. You choose your site upon arrival. Even though they have raised their rates to $40, they honored the $35 we were quoted. Thank you.

Site #10

View of Campgrou

There is a small NEX next to campground and fitness center, but groceries and shopping near by. Beach is also within mile although there is a small beach on the base accessible if no ships in port.

Our original plan was to depart on the 16th and go to Vandenberg AFB in Lompoc, but decided instead to depart here on the 19th and spend 4 nights in Lost Hills and then go into Travis AFB on the 23rd until the 3rd May.

John and I think this is our last trip to California..too much traffic and expensive. Will miss the beaches, but we can have those in Oregon. Finalized our itinerary through May of 2020.

Well, we have been on the road for 10 years, traveled over 90,000 miles in the motorhome and over 200,000 miles in the tow car touring around. So glad I have maintained my blog..too much to trust to memory. Have printed out all the entries and put most of photos on DVD's. It has been an education and experience visiting all lower 48..some several times over and 9 provinces of Canada. If we were to get another motorhome, which we aren't, would get another Bounder.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Yuma Quartermaster Depot

01 April 2019

Our last stop in Yuma was to visit the site of the Quartermaster Depot located in the Colorado River SHP on 4th Avenue.


Visitor Center

Beginning in 1864 the Yuma Quartermaster Depot provided the lifeline for all the military posts in the Southwest. The warehouses held a 6 month supply of food, clothing,ammunition and goods for forts in Arizona, Utah,Nevada, Texas and New Mexico brought in by steamboats and then shipped in wagons pulled by 20 mule teams.

The Depot was closed in 1883 with the coming of the railroad and repurposed as a telegraph, weather station and customs office. It also became the first home of the Bureau of Reclamation and the Yuma County Water Users Asso. There is an exhibit on the Yuma Siphon, a massive tunnel under the Colorado River that first delivered irrigation to the Yuma Valley in 1912. It still operates today. We missed this..a return visit for next time.

The Depot walking tour includes five original buildings consisting of the Corral House,Storehouse,Quartermaster's Office,Reservoir and Commanding Officer's Quarters.

Commander's House



Master Bedroom

Dining Room




Quartermaster's Office

Model of Depot

Be sure and stop at the Back in Time Shoppe for a slice of homemade  pie and ice cream. John got apple and I Pecan. So Yummy.

It was a long, but interesting day.

Decided to drive to the Yuma Proving Ground on way home to check out the RV park. Decided we prefer El Centro.

Tomorrow is catch up day on John's website and my blog.

Yuma Territorial Prison SHP

01 April 2019

We then took a tour of the Yuma Territorial Prison SHP located on the Colorado River and West Wetlands Park.


View From Fort Yuma

Guardhouse Now Observation Tower

Sally Port

Cell Block

Grafitti left by Prisoners


Father of Prison


Hell Hole Signage

Model of Prison

Typical Cell

Prison Signa

The first 7 prisoners entered on 1 July 1876 and locked in cells they had built. During the prison's 33 year history, a total 3,069 including 29 women lived in its walls. In 1910 the Yuma HS occupied the buildings and 1961 the prison was open to the public. Due to overcrowding, the prison was moved to a new facility in Florence,AZ.

There were a variety of law violators including legendary stagecoach robber, Pearl Hart. One of the women prisioners gave birth and was allowed to keep her baby. She was later released 2 years later. Lizzie Gallagher was first female to enter the prison in 1878. The women's cells were built in 1891.

In the visitor center is a gift shop, artifact display and theatre. Located on the grounds is the prison cemetery.

Our next stop was the Quartermaster Depot and will do a separate blog on this.