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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Eagle Facts and More Photos

18 June 2019

Below are some interesting facts about eagles:

Eagles build the largest tree nests of any bird and their nests can weigh up to 1 ton and measure 13ft deep and 8ft wide and stand as much as 125ft above ground

Female Bald Eagles are 25% larger than males

Bald Eagles have an average wingspan of 6-8ft.

Only the Bald and Golden Eagles are found in North America and Mexico

Fish make up more than 50% of their diet.

68% Bald Eagle deaths are caused by humans either directly or indirectly such as power lines, wind turbines, colliding with buildings and cars or being shot

Over half million Bald Eagles were present in the 1700's. Chemical pesticides had an impact on their deaths. In 1952 the nesting pairs were reduced to 412 and in 2006 that number increased to 9,800.

They can reach 100 MPH in a dive and can fly 35 to 45 miles per hour

There are 70 different species of eagles over the world with 60 species living in Eurasia and Africa

Bald Eagles can live up to 20 to 35 years

They mate for life and reuse the nest year after year and lay 1-3 eggs a year. They mate while free falling

If you find a Bald Eagle feather on the gound, you need a permit to pick it up

When they lose a feather on one wing, they will lose one on the other in order to keep balance

The name Bald comes from an old English word "balde" meaning white

They ride air currents in front of thunderstorms

Alaskan Salmon fishermen killed over 100,000 Bald Eagles from 1917-1953 fearing threat to salmon industry

Eaglets don't get the white head until they are 5 years old

The above sources were gotten from several different web sites.

In our 6 years of coming here since 2014, I am always fascinated and loved watching them and taking photos.What a magnificent  bird. Have not gotten that one photo of inflight, but will keep trying.

Here are some more photos.



Thursday, June 13, 2019

More Photos from Cliffside RV Park NAS Whidbey Island

12 June 2019

On walk today took more eagle pictures and views from campground.

It is such a beautiful and serene campground.

View of Olympic Mountains

View of San Juan Islands

Pair of Eagles

Cute Bunny

One of Many Flower Gardens in Campground

Eagle and I think Eaglets

In flight

Seaching for Fish

In Flight

Mt Baker
 To stay busy, I have been decorating some rocks to hide in the trees and bushes. Unfortunately I am not an Artist, but want to improve. The beach has lots of rocks.

Boeing Factory Tour

11 June 2019

Today we drove Hwy 20 S to Clinton in order to take the ferry to Mulkilteo For the Boeing Factory Tour. The ferry ride is only 10 minutes and they run frequently..no reservations necessary, just get in line. Cost for car and passenger around $12 ow.

Mulkilteo Lighhouse View from Ferry

Reservations for the factory tour are recommended and cost is $20 for military and $23 for seniors.  The visitor center and start of tour is located on Paine Field Blvd around 2 miles from the ferry. From here busses take you to the factory location in Everett WA. Please note: no cameras, cell phones, water bottles, purses or backpacks permitted. You can obtain a locker for your belongings at no cost.  It is here that the 787 Dreamliner, 767,777 and 747 are assembled. We had an excellent guide who was most informative. I found the factory mind boggling and awesome. Some 35,000 employees on 3 shifts are employed here.

Took some pictures of the outside of factory from parking area and the one of the inside of plant is from a poster in visitor center. The tour last around 90 minutes and involves some stair climbing and underground tunnel walking.  Located in the area are some other sights such as Restoration Center and Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museums. We did not have time for a visit this trip.

On display in the Visitor Center is the Destiny Module, US Laboratory used for payloads on ISS and on loan from the Museum of Flight.

On the way back stopped at Joe's Pizza in Langley for dinner. Spotted a deer across highway eating dinner in the cemetery.

Also got photos of Mt Baker and Mt Ranier.

Mt Baker

Mt Ranier

Friday, June 7, 2019

First Week at NAS Whidbey Island Cliffside RV Park

01 June 2019

Once again we have arrived at NAS Whidbey Island Cliffside RV  park, our favorite located on Strait of Juan de Fuca WA.

Site #12

One of Many Beautiful Flowerr Gardens

View of Strait From #12

Behind our Site

We prefer middle row, back-in, northside as it affords a view of Strait. We are for the 3rd time in #12. Ken and his staff continue to maintain the park with beautiful flower gardens, driftwood displays and activities. Signs I made last year are still in place with a minor tweak on Joy Sign and adding another year to name sign. The setting is quiet, peaceful and serene. Yes, there are Navy planes flying over, but not an issue..jet noise is freedom.

Tide's Out

Tide's In

View of Campground from Beach

View of Campground from Hill

Weather has been cloudy with some rain, but still manage to get walks in thru the woods and along the strait and beach.

Have spotted several eagles, rabbits and Orcas in the distance...too far for photo.John took Eagle photos. Park is full and will remain so through the summer. It is open year round in spite of snow on occasion.

Drove up to Bellingham and Blaine one day so John could get photos of radar site which is now a park and Lion's camp being taken care of by volunteers from Americorps. Many of the original buildings and housing remain.

While we are here we want to visit the Paine Field Air Museum.

We depart on the 1 July for WA and MT.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Last Days in Oregon

25 May-30 May 2019

This weekend we drove to Madras to see Colt show his steer and Cade his 4 pigs at the Desert Storm Jackpot judging at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Colt got 2nd place and Cade got 1-3rd and 3- 2nds. Don't fully understand what it is all about, but an education in how the steer and pigs are judged. Proud of the grandsons and look forward how they do at the Deschutes County Fair in August. We attended last year. Wishing you all the best this year.

Skydiver with USA Flag on Memorial Day

Colt and His Steer

Getting a Bath

Later met up in Redmond for dinner.


On Monday after the Jackpot met at the house for dinner. Fixed spaghetti, texas toast, salad and cherry pie. Our last time to be with Hope and family until next May. Our visits were short and not as frequent as in the past due to the many activities of baseball, fair preparation, school and work schedules. Understand and amazed at how organized and involved everyone is.
Builds character and strength for the grandsons. Good work family. Love you all.

We were able to attend several of Cade's baseball games. He plays 2nd base. Also went to one of Colt's. Great job guys.

Cade at Bat..Got a Hit

Heading for Home

On Tuesday we took Ernie and Alinda to dinner at the View Cafe at Juniper Golf Club next to RV park. Tuesday they feature prime rib with twice baked potato, vegetables, salad and dessert. Nice view overlooking golf course and rock chucks. Had a nice visit and hope to see them when they pass through Las Vegas this winter on their way to Arizona.Thanks Alinda for yummy assortment of cookies to enjoy on the road.

John with Ernie & Alinda

Mountain View from Cafe

Woodchucks on Golf Course

Woodchucks on Golf Course

Wednesday we departed for Stayton and Hillyers Ford for MH oil change . When in Oregon we always use them as the service is good and price of $60 more than fair. We then went to Les Schwab in Salem for brakes on the MH. Due to time constraint and not having parts, could not do the back ones, but said we could probably to another 10,000 miles. Think  John wants to have it done by them when we are at Whidbey Island. They do such a good job with service. Wish we could have gotten our tires thru them, but don't think they sell Michelin and FMCA does not have discount agreement with them.

We overnighted HEE HEE ILLAHEE, our favorite RV park in Salem before departing for MCChord AFB in Tacoma for 2 nights.

On the way to Tacoma we stopped at Les Schwan in Chehalis to have them check out ABS light that came on. Took it out for test drive and reset it. Not sure the problem, but it came on again on way to McChord.

McChord AFB Site 5

Coming thru gate at McChord, right rear side light came off. Guess John was too close to wall. He firmly believes the Owl is the reason for all our mishaps. I keep telling him to be nice to Oscar.

Damage to Left Side

Anyway, looking forward to our month at Whidbey Island NAS, one of our favorite RV Parks.

Still awaiting to receive his renewed driver's license. Should have come before we left.