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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Lunches with Family and Friends

16 March 2019

The next few days we are meeting family and friends for lunches at different restaurants. Seems we are eating our way around Tucson, but glad for the gatherings.

On the 16th we met Darin, Eric,Cindy, Parker and my ex Dan and his wife Loretta for lunch at Barrio's Brewery near downtown. A good family gathering and conversation. Tonight we are going to Darin and Kerry's for steak barbeque. This will be last time we see Eric, Cindy and Parker until September. Since their flight back to San Antonio was cancelled, they will have a 12 hour drive tomorrow.

On the 17th we met our good campground friends Phil and Denise who are here for an Escapees Rally at the Fairgrounds at BJ's Brewery very close to DM campground for lunch. We first met them in 2016 while camped at Nellis AFB and several times since. They are also fulltimer's . Glad we could get together again and the lunch and visit very good. We will see them again when we go the the Escapee's open house on Wednesday.

On the 18th we met our good friends Marta and Bill whom we met at the AF Academy in June of 2015. They now live in Tucson and no longer RV'ing. We also met them again in 2016 and 2017 while camped at Davis Monthan AFB. Marta's mother is now living with them. We met at Little Anthony's for lunch. This is a 50's style diner and our 2nd visit here with them.
Darin is teaching at the same Middle School in which Marta once taught. It was nice meeting your mother and she looks fantastic for a 91 year old. Of course, you and Bill look great as well. Hopefully we visit again before we depart on the 28th.

It is always wonderful to visit with friends we have met in our journey. So glad we have kept in touch.

Also enjoy our family visits and not as often as we should. We try to visit at least once a year and sometimes more, but 5 children and grandchildren scattered in 4 directions makes it difficult.

Our weather has turned hot in the 80's. Personally I would like temps in the high 60's or 70's with no wind, just a slight breeze.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Casa Grande Ruins

18 March 2019

As an after thought upon leaving the Relocation Center since we were so close and on the way back, we decided to stop at the Casa Grande Ruins NHM in Coolidge.

The Ruins preserves remains of an ancient Hohokam era farming village and also the Great House. The Visitor Center has exhibits of Hohokam artifacts and displays of their way of life. You can either do a guided or self tour. We choose the self guided. The entrance fee has been waived.

The Great House stands 4 stories high and 60 feet long. Its walls face the four cardinal points of the compass and a circular hole in the upper west wall aligns with the setting sun at the summer solstice. Other openings align with the sun and moon at specific times. The house was completed in 1350 and built of Caliche with hundres of trees to anchor the walls.

These people were called the "First Masters of the American Desert". They were hunters-gatherers and traders who lived in Arizona for several thousand years along the Gila and Salt Rivers. They built canal systems to irrigate their fields. Also known as Ancestral People, they traded pottery and jewelry for other needed items.

The Classic Period began in 1150 and lasted until the 1400's. When the missionaries arrived in 1694, only an empty shell remained of this village. Two centuries of visitors and souvenir hunters further damaged the site. in 1892 Casa Grande became the nation's first archeological reserve. A steel and concrete canopy built in 1932 protects the Great House.

An interesting stop if in the area.

Tomorrow we are having lunch with friends Marta and Bill we met at the Air Force Academy several years ago and again in the campground . They now live in Tucson.

Gila River Japanese Relocation Camp

18 March 2019

Today we decided to drive 100 miles north on IH10 to visit the Gila River Japanese Relocation Center. In our travels we have visited several of these camps as John has pages about them on his fortwiki site. On our way back decided to stop at the Casa Grande Ruins. Will post separate blog on this.

The camp is located on the Gila River Indian Reservation and not an easy place to locate even with GPS. After driving around we decided to go to the Reservation Police Station for info and they referred us to the Governance Building. This is a very impressive complex and appears rather new. There are many buildings housing the different offices and even a medical and hospital. Tim at the Governance gave us good directions following a dirt road to the site. Aside from a monument up on a hill there are no remaining buildings, only foundations of some of the buildings.

This Relocation Camp seemed to be the most relaxed of all the camps with only one watch tower and barbed wire removed early on. Construction of the Camp began in May 1942 and opened in July 1942. By December it has a peak population of over 13,000. There were two camps, Butte and Canal with both closing in late 1945. Eleanor Roosevelt visited the camps in 1943.

Canal Camp had 404 buildings consisting of 44 for administrative purposes,232 for barracks, 16 mess halls, 17 ironing rooms,17 laundry rooms, 34 latrine and shower buildings, 24 school buildings and 20 community buildings.

Butte Camp had 821 buildings, 22 for administrative purposes,post office, garages,police office,court, water filtration, laundry,and other staff facilities, 627 barracks, schools, churches and other needs for day to day living conveniences.

Life in the Camp improved with the internees running the day to day operation. Civic, cultural and religious activities grew and there was an active Japanese American Citizens League, Boy Scouts and American Legion. Vacant blocks were used for athletic purposes built by the internees as well as an outdoor theater and elaborate gardens and ponds.They also grew their own food and raised livestock. By the end of 1943 they had 1,377 cattle,1,106 hogs,8,584 chickens. Food was also shipped to other relocation camps.

The Memorial on the Hill list the 23 soldiers killed during the war. 487 men from the camp enlisted in the US Army in 1943.

In the fall of 1945, the last to leave were 155 Hawaiian Japanese. Most of the buildings were moved to other institutions in Arizona. Rebuilding their lives was difficult as they did not know where to relocate.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Family Gathering in Tucson

11 March 2019

After a month of healing from Bronchitis, we are starting to feel better and facing the slow process of getting our energy improved.

The coming week brings a family get together of Kerry's and our family at son Darin and Kerry's home on the 15th. Son Eric, daughter-in-law Cindy and granddaughter Parker are flying in from San Antonio. Unfortunately, granddaughter Kendyl is unable to come as she is in school at Oklahoma State.

 Earlier in the week we visited with Darin and the puppies and one day he came to the base for a visit. Went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.

On Friday before the get together Eric and family came to the base and we gave them a drive tour after lunch provided by Freedom RV at the campground. Parker wanted a photo by the huge Saguaro Cactus.

For the get together I made two cheese balls and cookies. Pizza was brought in and a very nice visit with friends and family.

Thank you Darin and Kerry for a very warm and nice gathering. You two sure know how to entertain. By the way you have done a great job on the remodel. Home is so inviting and pleasant.

Due to the grounding of the 737's, flight back to San Antonio on Southwest was cancelled and no other options available for getting a flight. Feel that Southwest knew when they checked in on Thursday that the flight was cancelled and they should have protected them on anther flight. Their only option now is to rent a car and drive back which he feels he can do in 12 hours..825 miles. What a disaster. Only positive is that they were able to come and we had a nice visit. Won't see them again until September. Safe travel my loves.

Tomorrow we will meet for lunch.

Earlier in week Kevin and Joy sent photo of Blue Angels from Yuma. Thanks awesome photo.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Arrival Davis Monthan AFB Famcamp

01 March-08 March 2019

Left early this morning for drive to Wickenburg AZ around 200 miles and our stay at Desert Empress RV and meeting up with friends Alinda and Ernie from Oregon. Our intent was to stay 2 nights, but on the way started feeling bad and coughing again so we decided to only stay 1 night. We had hoped for a pull-thru since we did not want to unhook tow, but they were full. This is our 2nd stay here and in my opinion the only decent campground in area and within walking distance to town. They  only take cash $45/nt and have no picnic tables. After settling in, we went to dinner with Ernie and Alinda across the street at Cowboy Cookin.  Had I felt better would have enjoyed more. Took some leftovers home. We will see you again in May when we return to Oregon.

Passing Lake Mead

Passing Lake Mead

02 March

We arrived at Davis Monthan AFB Famcamp, Agave Gulch, around noon. This is our 5th visit since 2009 and first time we have had to go into drycamp for more than 2 nights. We are 19 on the list and paid the $11/nt for a week. We met up with friends Connie and Ken whom we met at Wright Patterson AFB in 2010 and again here in 2015. Since we are not feeling well, only chatted from a distance. After settling in we went to an Urgent Care nearby. Got two prescriptions..one antibiotic and the other for cough. Think the bronchitis is lingering. You think you are getting better and then it starts over again. Not really feel much like eating and energy is zapped. Not a good way to lose weight. John is down to 210 and I have lost 10lbs. Called son Darin and told him not a good idea to visit now as he is getting ready to take some school kids to Catalina and did not want him to be infected. Will see him when he returns from trip.

03-06 March

John rigged up a temporary connection for residential refrigerator to invertor and the generator and invertor are getting a good workout. Don't know how much you miss something until you no longer have. This drycamping is not for us. Looking forward to being in FHU with 50amp. The days have been warm with temps in high 70's and 80's. Nights are cool not too much wind.In checking our name on list we have moved up to #5 and were told to be over at 11AM and we might get a spot tomorrow.

07 March

Yeah, we fortunately got #17 today and immediately moved. We like this area and in 2015 we were in #20 on the end.


Now that we are settled, I went over to Commissary to restock refrigerator. Since you can only book 21 days, we are scheduled out on 28th at which time we move to drycamp again or if the park is not full we can stay  until our scheduled departure to El Centro Naval Air Station on the 2nd. If we have to move, will call El Centro and see if we can come in early.

08 March

Today LaMesa RV is hosting a luncheon for the Campground. They also bring in some RV's for viewing. We have attended in the past and it is a very nice gathering.

Walked around campground and took some photos of the cactus and planes.

Barrel Cactus

Prickly  Pear





Cane Cholla

Kilvin Cholla

Another Beautiful Sunset

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Final Potluck of Our Time Here & Other Things

28 February 2019

Well, we finally got the cracks and clear coat paint areas repaired at Johnny Walker's. We just had the area above the front window and above the ladder and also a crack below the bedroom slide. It was a 3 1/2 day labor job. When we return in February will have the rest of the areas redone across the back lower panel and area on left side. We were pleased with the job well done...very expensive.

While they were working on it, we stayed across Boulder Highway at Sam's Town for 3 nights. It was OK our $58 room ended up being close to $90 due to a so called resort fee of $26/nt and tax. Have an issue with this. Since John spent most of time in bed due to bad cough and cold, we stayed around the hotel and brought him up soup for nourishment.

Went down to the Lobby one night to see Mystic Falls Laser show..very nice.

Since on Saturday he was not feeling any better, took him over to the ER at Nellis and he was diagnosed with Bronchitis and pneumonia on rt side. Came back with 6 different medications including sinus rinse, inhaler, cough medicine, prednisone and some other meds. It seems to weaken him and has lost his appetite. Has lost weight..not a good way to reduce.

We depart tomorrow for 2 nights in Wickenburg, AZ before going to Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson for the month. In Wickenburg we will meet up with friends, Ernie and Alinda from Oregon. We saw them earlier when they came through on their way to AZ. Looking forward to another visit.

Davis Monthan does not take reservations so we may be in dry camp for several days or weeks. Not something for which we are looking forward. While there we will meet up with friends Connie and Ken from Wichita we met on the road several years ago. Also friends Marta and Bill who live in Tucson. Of course, son Darin and son-in-law Kerry. They just celebrated their 5th Anniversary.

Today, Pat and Darwin organized a going away pot luck for Joy and Kevin and us as we both leave tomorrow. We call it our Circle 1 gathering.There was so much delicious food, good friends. enjoyment,conversation and a real feeling of true friendship. Til next year..safe travels to all and stay in touch.

Bill & Loraine with Lillte One Misty

Caron & Max

Dick, Darby & Deb

Joy & Kevin with Grandchildren & Daughter-In-Law

Dusty & Judy

Ken & Robin

Pat & Darwin

Hope sent some pictures of the snow in Oregon. It has been a very bad month and more to come.
Don't ever remember it being that bad since we moved there in 1990.

Also LV got some snow..Here is one of campground that Pat sent me.
Another sunset captured while walking Shylo. I am really going to miss our walks. She is such a sweet dog.

Walking Shylo