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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Drive up the Mountain & Arrival Cedar City,Ut

17 October 2018

Before departing Hill AFB we drove up to Francis Mountain east of Ogden so John could get pictures of the Radar Site for his website. Even though we didnot make it to the top, he did get some good photos. The road is very narrow and unpaved with no guard rails. I was getting vapors so we turned around halfway up..it was particularly precarious when a  pickup tried to pass us and we were hugging the side.

Francis Mountain Radar Site

Got some last minute photos of campground and off we went to Cedar City, 275 miles south on IH 15. Had intermittent  rain enroute.

 Arrived at Cedar Breaks RV around 4PM located in the town on Main ST. Very nice RV park with graveled sites and full hookups. Nicely maintained and friendly staff at checkin.Also very quiet.

Cedar Breaks RV #23

View of some of the  Sites

The site we were assigned she felt might not be long enough so she gave us a choice of two other sites. We chose # 23. After settling in, I noticed on the Electric box someone had left a heart shaped painted rock. Just think if we had chosen another site would not have found it. I mention this due to the fact that I collect in our travels heart shaped rocks for Hope as well as other rocks that I painted and left in trees at Whidbey NAS.How surreal is this? It is as if I was drawn to this site. To the person who left it, thank you. Will pass on to Hope.

Heart Rock

There is so much to do in and around Cedar City,UT. This is our second visit to the area with the last one in October 2009 when we camped at Bryce and tour the Canyon and then went down to Zion. We are hoping weather stays nice so we can do things we missed on our last trip.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Golden Spike NHS

13 October 2018

West of Brigham City is the Golden Spike NHS and a short drive up IH 15 and west on Hwy 83.

Entrance to Park

Golden Spike Plaque

Last Rail Gap Plaque

Signage on Last Spike Driven

The The Workforce behind the Union Pacific consisted of unemployed Irish, German, Italian immigrants, Civil War veterans, ex-slaves and even Native Americans totally 10,000. The Central Pacific workforce consisted mainly of Chinese.By 1868 Central Pacific had laid 200 miles of track from Sacramento to crossing the Sierra and Union Pacific 700 miles from Omaha over the plains. Congress declared on 10 May 1869 the meeting place to be Promontory Summit. Central Pacific's Jupiter #60 and Union Pacific's #119 pulled up to the one rail gap left in the track. A golden spike was symbolically tapped and a final iron spike was driven to connect the railroads. Central Pacific had laid 690 and Union Pacific 1,086. East and West were bind together.

The building of the railroad linking East to West brought conflict with the Native Americans as the rails passed through their lands. Millions of buffalo were slaughtered and left to waste. They tried to fight for their land, but more and more troops were brought in and they could no longer defend their land.

Central Pacific's Jupiter was built in 1868 and later sold in 1893 to the Gila Valley Globe and Northern Railroad in Arizona after undergoing some changes including conversion to coal burning from steam. The Globe sold her to scrappers for $1,000.The same fate met Union Pacific's #119 in early 1900's also for $1,000.

Thanks to O'Connor Engineering Laboratories in Costa Mesa California, the two engines were brought back to life involving four years of love and labor. It took 4 trucks to bring them 800 miles to Promontory Summit where they were christened with water from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and commissioned into service 10 May 1979 on the 110th anniversary.

Central Pacific Jupiter

Central Pacific Jupiter

Union Pacific No. 119

Union Pacific No.119

The Engines are brought out in the summer on designated days. This would be a sight to see.

We then took the East drive, a very narrow gravel road for scenic views and a stop at the Chinese Arch. The Arch was created by waves in the 300 million old Oquirrh formation. It is a memorial the many Chinese laborers who worked on the railroad. You can also do a West drive from the Visitor Center.

Signage on Chinese Arch

In Front of Arch

Add caption

View feom East Drive

Another View

View of Wasatch Mtns

On the way back we stopped in Brigham City to see the Box Elder Tabernacle and LDS Church.

Box Elder Tabernacle

LDS Church

Camp Floyd

12 October 2018

Today we drove to Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn SP and Museum in Fairfield, UT. It is a short 70 mile drive from Ogden.

Camp Floyd was a strategy camp used by the North and South during the Utah War as an attempt of diverting the issue of states rights and slavery including the Mormon problem and polygamy. President Buchanan believed Mormons were rebelling against the laws of the United States. dispatched in 1858 one third of the US Army based on a rumor that a rebellion was taking place. Even though this was not true, the Army remained at Camp Floyd for three years. Their job was to monitor the Mormons, explore the western frontier and provide safety for immigrants moving west. The population of Camp Floyd increased to 7,000 and became the 3rd largest city in the Utah Territory. It was also the largest military installation in the US.

Model of Fort Floyd

Utah Conflict Display

Pony Express Plaque

Camp Floyd Signage

When the Army left in 1861 for the Civil War, some $4,000,000 in Army surplus was sold for a few cents on the dollar and nearly all the buildings were demolished with the Commissary Building remaining and used as a private residence and the Cemetery. The Cemetery was built in 1858 and abandoned in 1861. No graves were marked and it wasn't until 2009 when ground penetrating radar determined location of the graves. Unmarked headstones were placed in 2011 to indicate the location of the graves.

Commissary & Museum


The Stagecoach Inn was built by John Carson in 1858. He and his family lived here and operated a hotel for travelers. It was the first Overland Stage Station west of Salt Lake City. After his death, the family continued to operate the Inn until 1947 and in 1959 they gave the property to the Utah State Parks. It was restored and opened as a museum 1n 1964.

Inn Signage

Stagecoach Inn
Majestic Willow Tree



One of the Bedrooms


Dining Room


The Fairfield District Schoolhouse was built in 1898 and closed in 1917 when students were bused to Cedar Fort and Lehi.Is used today for special events.

On the way back got a photo of what I would name as Mummy Mountain. Not sure of proper name.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Stops in Richland, WA, Caldwell, ID and Ogden, UT

6 October 2018

Sadly we have to depart Cliffside at Whidbey Island NAS. It has been an enjoyable stay. We are now on our way to Richland, WA in the Tri Cities area for 2 nights at Wright's Double Eagle RV Park. On the way in we stopped at Country Mercantile in Richland for some dinner items of Enchiladas and Burritos. In the past we have visited their location in Pasco.

Crossing Columbia into WA.

Country Mercantile

Paddle Wheel in Richland..American Pride 

The campground is less than desirable for our standards. It still seems to be in the 70's and features a motel. Staff was friendly, but sites in need of upgrading. Most of the sites are occupied by homesteaders and their RV's are in dire need of cleaning with less outside stuff piled around. Glad we were only here 2 nights.

8 October 2018

Continuing down IH 84 to Caldwell,ID and Ambassador RV park for 2 nights. We stayed here in June on our return trip to Oregon. What a difference in parks. It is conveniently located across from Flying J so we stopped and had our motorhome washed before checking in. Did this on our last stay. Anyway, the park is very nice with attention given to friendliness, maintenance and quidelines for condition of RV's and storage outside of vehicle.

Ambassador RV #96

10 October 2018

Early departure today for drive to Hill AFB in Ogden UT via IH84 and IH15. This is our 5th visit since 2009. The campground is located just inside the Southgate at exit 334 and very nice. We are in 36 adjacent to the running track and convenient to Exchange and Commissary. We will depart here on 17th for Cedar City, UT.

Hill AFB #36

View of Wasatch MTNS from Campground

Another View